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Surreal Cutout Paper Collages by Jay Riggio

March 21st, 2016 Posted by Art, Collage, Featured, New York, Surrealism No Comment yet

Most of the people in Riggio’s work have abstracted or replaced heads. The exception is one piece titled, “The Way You Fell In Love With A Girl,” in which all of the subjects’ faces are intact. He includes a male figure in a speedo flying near the top of the frame, but he is perfectly split in two right at the waist. Confusing? Yes. Captivating? Absolutely!

Christine Mahoney’s Chaotic and Colorful Landscapes of Abstraction

November 17th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, Los Angeles, New York, Paintings No Comment yet

If there’s one world that could describe Christine Mahoney’s painting’s that would be: landscape. However, her paintings aren’t the landscapes of Hockney or naturalist painters. The young New-York native, Los Angeles based artist is a painter documenting growth, that of her own and of the world passing around her. Her paintings are full of inexorable waves of color and energetic movement. The viewer becomes fully engrossed in a world full of landscapes of abstraction.

Aaron Rivera’s Celebration of Leisure through Painting

September 14th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, Film, Illustration, Los Angeles, Mixed Media, Paintings, San Francisco No Comment yet

Aaron Rivera is an artist in the Los Angeles area who we had the pleasure to meet at Le Luz de Jesus Gallery in LA. Rivera works in a variety of mediums – launching himself in his teens as a muralist, Aaron Rivera has traveled many roads in the expansive world of art, from small scale painting to puppet design for the eccentric Spike Jonze. His work possesses a certain bright sentimentality and elicits fond memories and feelings of days passed and those still to come. Rivera takes you on a mental and emotional vacation through his most recent expressions in the celebration of leisure.

Andreina Davila Mixes Organic Compositions With Philosophical Aspirations

August 17th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, Mixed Media No Comment yet

Andreina Davila exercises mixed media to embrace organic lines and intricate textures in her three current projects: #IAM], # SOMOS and BotanINK. The San Francisco-based artist represents connections among human philosophy and natural beauty with washy, tenuous surfaces. Her stunning work is decorated with scattered pointillism and fluid, free-formed lines.

Abstract Energies: The Photos of Chicago’s Carey Primeau

July 13th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured, Photography No Comment yet

Chicago born photographer Carey Primeau has a lot to say about conformity. He believes that “the standard is unacceptable” and that we should not conform to the ideas of the masses. These ideals transfer heavily into his artwork, breaking the mold with fine art photography.

Brooklyn’s Lizzie Gill Unifies Digital Art with Retro and Modern Romance

June 30th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

The suspended disbelief is palpable in Lizzie Gill’s images. Composed through digital collage and then translated onto canvas through mixed media and oil, her creations are more than just reflections of a commodity-based culture, they’re a dream-like world wherein pop culture becomes the sky itself. The Brooklyn-based artist utilizes pronounced themes of retro Americana nostalgically contrasted with a contemporary context to create a world that is sublimely disarming and all together enchanting.

Landscapes of A Modern Mind by Anyes Galleani

June 8th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Los Angeles-based photographer and graphic designer Anyes Galleani has been mixing and re-mixing genres for several decades. Born and raised in Italy, Galleani made the pilgrimage to the LA Arts District pursuing a career in fashion photography. She created portraits for the likes of Bruce Willis, Demi Moore and Paramount Pictures. Soon, however, her ambitions pushed her to innovate new ways to portray her unique visions of the people and landscapes of her adopted city.

Feeling the Paintings of Christine Wu

June 2nd, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Great art makes the viewer vulnerable. It challenges us to reminisce on all the little flecks of ourselves reflected on the canvas, to relate them to our current time and place. Christine Wu’s work does just that. It is life and it is beautiful, containing every piece of one’s self and every feeling that one feels.

Kayrock Screenprinting Fosters Artist Growth

May 26th, 2015 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet

Brooklyn based Kayrock Screenprinting has multiple programs aimed at producing silkscreen prints, paper prints and books of art; however, the 100-year-old coverted rope factory is much more than the home of a studio offering printing services. Kayrock is an artists’ collective that collaborates with other artists to create, distribute and promote their work to the betterment of all involved.

Daniel Mochi (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

December 28th, 2013 Posted by Art, Featured No Comment yet


Words by Aaron Jones

Mochi’s paintings are alive. He hands us an illusory realism on a silver platter. On his canvasses we gorge upon a full table of flat, hyper colored meals that appear cooked over open flame. We eat and come face to face with shaman undulating and evolving in two vast dimensions. We find ourselves on a vision quest as we wander through Mochi’s supernatural images. The folkloric backdrop enfolds us and tucks us in tight with our most familiar and discomforting rites of passage. Cultureless but decidedly universal his subjects are talismanic, primitive sophisticates.

These pieces harken deep into our subterranean, ritualized genetic code. They call us back into the presence of the ancestral traditions we all share at our root. Like cave paintings they elucidate our concrete corporeality, as expressed by our own hands, in the form phantasms on a rock face in the firelight. This tribal impressionism provides a locale for technique and training to run headlong into perception and instinct. Unencumbered by the magnetic draw of realism Daniel’s work is a place for the existential to run completely wild. It’s simultaneously a celebration of, and warning about, the power within humanity and the supernatural surrounding it.

Mochi runs with powerful deities, human exceptionalism and our base, animal core. With color as a foundation he gives insight into forgotten events and fears. The paranormal and the supernatural jive with images we all have buried in our cerebellums.

There is a collective consciousness here. To expose it to us, the artist becomes a modern mystic painting with the brush of our hominoid eons. The place where we as a species dusted off our hands, stood upright, and began to tell stories.  These human eras might just have remained incomprehensible if not for him. Daniel Mochi is a conduit and we can now plug in.

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Daniel Mochi

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