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Pia Petterson Stubbs

Exclusive Interview: The Intricately Linear Illustrations of Pia Petterson Stubbs

September 12th, 2016 Posted by Art, Featured, Illustration, Interviews No Comment yet

Growing up as a maker, fully encouraged to discover the world through the process of creative expression, Pia’s intricately linear illustrations satisfy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 12.50.23 PM

Tyler Whitlock Brings Society Into Focus Through Oils, Acrylics and Art Prints

August 9th, 2016 Posted by Art, Featured, Paintings, Screenprints No Comment yet

Whether hypocrisy, religion, power, love, or despair, Tyler Whitlock finds a textured way to represent the narrative, and we’re so glad he does.

ryaboi rooftop

Tom Ryaboi’s Perspective-Laden Photographs Will Make You Hold On

April 14th, 2014 Posted by Art, Featured, Photography No Comment yet

The urban portraits of Tom Ryaboi contrast the geometric exoskeleton of the city with the organic, fragile singularity of the human form which inhabits it.

wolf child labor

Michael Wolf (Hong Kong, China)

December 12th, 2012 Posted by Featured No Comment yet

You feel as though you’re getting a view of something that is meant to be kept behind closed doors; from the angles, to the expressions on the faces, to the soulless products monotonously sent down the production line.