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We provide premier art consulting that customizes art services and experiences to engage your employees, clients, and customers.

When your company is thinking about investing in art, we talk you through the options, square that with your goals, then curate, deliver, and install art that is a perfect fit for you! We consult to create a comprehensive art plan for your corporate facilities, which include options like art rentals, art events, and purchases of limited edition pieces.

Whether moving into a new space, looking to rotate new art in, or planning for moving into a network of offices across the country, our process ensures you get curation and perspective along with incredible art that impresses.

Over the last few years, we’ve turned bland spaces in several industries into memorable spaces with our customized art consulting services. We provide best-in-class art consultancy, installations, and other art-related services. If you are looking for an art consultant in Chicago, you’ve found a partner in us. What’s more, every art consulting project we take on also gives back to teaches and schools as part of our Get Art, Give Back model!

Our customized art services ensure you get unique corporate art that’s just perfect for your space while ensuring kids have access to the life-changing arts education they deserve.


Get in touch with our curators so we can learn more about your plans, goals, company, & culture. On this call, we outline our proprietary process of working with your leadership team (3-5 individuals) to create a comprehensive art strategy for your company.

During this call, we explain how we move through each phase with your leadership team: Mission & Aesthetics, Budget & Locations, Curation, and Implementation & Storytelling.

At the end of this call, our team will be prepared to provide a custom proposal for our 4-meeting/30 day process of creating your Custom Corporate Art Strategy, and turning your corporate offices an intentional part of your company’s brand & growth strategy.


Your proposal will include details and pricing for our meetings together over the next 30 days, as well as a budget estimate for implementing the plan once we’ve created your Custom Corporate Art Strategy.

Depending on the number of offices, square footage, types of properties, and approach to art, there are a wide variety of options that we’ll outline for you.

We’re able to provide a range of applications – from rotating framed art, to murals, to art activation events, and more, all with your budget in mind.


Each meeting over the 30 days will hone your approach so that selecting art for the company will be intentional, comprehensive, and cohesive. The output will be a multi-page PDF outlining the approach, giving leaders in each office the insight they need to move forward with art for their space.

Whether art rentals, purchases, corporate art events, or custom murals, our team ensures your proposal takes you into account first and foremost, so that we play the perfect note when the art hits the wall.


We present and deliver your Custom Corporate Art Strategy PDF, then connect with point people in each office handling the art for that space.

Whether art rentals, limited edition art purchases, art events, or custom murals, we collaborate with your team to select specific art options, then plan for the install art in your corporate office!

From curating from reliable and gifted artists, to ensuring proper conceptual work, design finalization, schematics, or event logistics, when working with IPaintMyMind, you can be sure we’ll take care.



The best part about all of this, no matter what type of art project your company undertakes, revenue from our work with you helps us install art in underserved schools as well as provide them and teachers nationwide with an expansive Visual Art Curriculum which satisfies National Core Arts Standards and supports teachers from coast to coast!


  • Custom Murals & Installations
  • Experiential Art Events
  • Purchases & Acquisitions
  • Art Rentals for Prints & Originals
  • Large Scale Commissions
  • Creative Employee Engagement
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“Working with IPaintMyMind on a project for Gensler and LinkedIn was extraordinary. Their professionalism in handling the logistics with teams of designers, contractors, and artists was impressive (remotely and in person). They do it all with ease while supporting the future artists/creatives of this world. IPMM is an inspiration.

I’m so grateful to have met Evan, IPMM’s Founder, and hope to have the honor of working with him again. He’s the rare creative who’s as talented in art as he is in facilitation.”

Mike Han

Artist, Founder @ House of Han
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“The art in our office has revolutionized the way our business feels. It’s so great that the art in our space also helps bring art resources to those who need it most. We love working with IPaintMyMind!”

Levi Baer

Co-Owner, Second Shift

“Working with IPaintMyMind has been a great experience. Evan as an artist is beyond talented but he is also great at running his nonprofit. I look forward to continuing to partner with Evan and IPMM!”

Sydney Church

Marketing Manager, Altair Advisers
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IPMM is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.
All sales of our Corporate Services enable us to support arts programming in underfunded schools and for teachers nationwide.

Want to know more about our corporate art services? Download our Corporate Art Guide.


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    What is a corporate art consultant or art consulting firm?

    Corporate art consulting services help companies rent, commission, and purchase art for their offices, buildings, and asset investment by providing art and presentation options. Art consulting firms have various specialties, but working with a corporate art consultant is about getting the best when it comes to curation, expertise in implementation, artist process adherence, and knowing your options when it comes to art and workplace design.

    How much do your arts consulting services cost?

    IPMM offers a Free Art Consulting session to help you hone on the plan for art for your company, then provide a fee structure for each project which will include our fee as well as the cost of your art. We also work on 3-month and 6-month retainer agreements to help implement art for office walls across various floor, spaces, or sites.

    What is involved in the Free Art Consultation?

    We ask questions about where the process of acquiring art for your business is, provide an Intake Form to collect answers about your goals, and help give initial ideas as to the most effective solutions based on your size, aesthetics, spaces, and priorities. Schedule a consultation today (linked).

    What companies or brands have you worked with?

    LinkedIn, adidas, Pepsi, BMO Harris, Capital One, Discover Financial Services and more.

    I am looking for art in various cities, do you provide art in any city?

    We have built our stellar reputation as one of top art consulting firms and can provide local options for any city in the USA. As a public art consultant and/or corporate art consultant, we aim to have relevant curation options for all clients.

    What if we don’t know what service we want yet?

    No problem! Our Free Consultation is meant to help navigate that process. When working on art for office walls, wall murals for offices, or corporate art consulting, IPMM understands that you will want to compare. We are happy to help you figure out the right approach that fits your aesthetic, company culture, and budget.

    What’s your process?

    We provide a Free Consultation, then proceed to Options Delivered, Follow Up Meeting, Art Plan Selection, Workback Finalization, Art Curation, Art Selection, Art Installation.

    What type of companies do you work with?

    We work with large corporations, smaller local companies, and more. We pride ourselves on being able to curate broadly to find the perfect art solution for you, regardless of the size of your company or office.

    Where do you offer your services?

    The United States, Canada, & Mexico.

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