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You really want to do something more impactful, create a space that unites your teams, and be part of a bigger purpose, a great cause, or a vision for a better future – and we couldn’t agree more.

In 2023, office murals and custom art have risen to the top as far as ways to engage and impress, and IPMM can help you put your best foot forward.

Our workplace murals make your office a place where employees want to be and partners want to be seen.

We understand that your office has to be amazing, it has to live and breathe your ethos — and our mural services and office wall murals are an awesome way to do that.

You’re going to commission a mural for your office, why not give back to your community at the same time?!



Learn more about how your company can benefit from a community-minded art consultant like IPMM. Our custom murals for workplaces generate value that has helped us provide FREE art to thousands of teachers and nearly 160 schools nationwide.

With a muralist for hire available in every city in the USA, we pair you with an office wall murals artist who will showcase your brand in the best way possible. We’ll also manage the entire process to ensure 100% satisfaction. We understand that every business has a different vision, so we work hard to help execute the best office wall mural for your needs.

Join companies like Pepsi, adidas and LinkedIn in commissioning a mural in your office & enlisting IPaintMyMind to steward the process the entire way. Contact us today!

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Book a FREE Art Consultation or contact our team via the form below so we can learn more about your ideas, company, goals, desired timeline, and aesthetic preferences. Engaged employees that know and care about one another produce better work.

Take your space from boring to bold with a custom office mural that shows your employees and your partners that you’re the company to work with. And by working with IPMM, every guest who sees that office mural will be a chance to tell the story about how you’re giving back to your community through art.


Our curation team asks for floor plans, wall dimensions, photos, and any other info about your space that you have at-hand. If necessary, we then visit your space to get a feel for the area identified for the mural project. We take plenty of photos, make notes, suggest options, and provide a custom proposal.

After that we provide a budget estimate that gives you a cost range for the artists we would curate and present as options for your project.


We have great relationships with artists nationwide, and are happy to curate a selection of professionals that are aligned with your mural concept and aesthetic leanings. We’ll propose a few options with examples of their work so you can weigh the possibilities & select an artist that fits your office’s vibe.

Once you’ve made your artist selection, we’re ready to start tracking along with your custom project timeline, provided by our team.


We execute your mural on-site with your selected artist and our support staff. We take care of it all – handling logistics, installation, and everything in between. We produce photography & video cataloging the creation of your project so you can show your network how your office is coming to life.


After your mural is completed, we identify a local community space to be the beneficiary of a FREE art exhibition because of our unique model that turns services into philanthropy.

We invite you to join us to help install art in a local community, giving you a first-hand connection to the people your project is working to support. There is no better feeling than helping out through our creative approach!


…The custom corporate mural gave your employees a reason to come into the office, a story to tap into about the company’s impact, and an energetic space to be productive with their coworkers?

Giving your company a good reason to fuel the return to the workplace is paramount these days, and keeping top employees is about culture, community, and buy-in.

A custom mural for your office with IPaintMyMind proves to everyone you work with, employees and partners, that you understand that an office must inspire.

What’s more, when you work with IPMM, the mural in your companies’ space helps provide FREE art to underserved communities.

How awesome is that?!

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“It was a pleasure to meet you onsite and to work with IPaintMyMind. You delivered in every capacity. So glad you do what you do!”

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Sr. Project Manager, L.S. Brinker


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  • Employees prefer and frequent cool offices
  • Giving back to your community is essential
  • Custom art energizes and engages your team
  • It’s a great background for hosting events
  • They are a big part of attracting employees back to the office
  • Your office could use some uplift and energy
  • Partners want to work with cool companies
  • Your office is underutilized without one

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We promise that our custom mural services will not only yield a beautiful result, but will be fun, and a great way to build out your Corporate Social Responsibility efforts while making your office the talk of the town. We’ll save you time, add excitement to your corporate space, and ensure you’re delivering a truly engaging experience for all your employees and partners.

As a 501(c)(3) arts organization, our Corporate Art Services enable us to sustainable fund, create, and deliver much needed arts programming to underfunded schools and under-resourced teachers nationwide.

Get Art, Give Back. IPaintMyMind.


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    What is the price range for custom workplace murals?

    Typically workplace murals range from 5k – 100k depending on the size, artist, complexity of the design, and the number of stakeholders involved.

    How many artists do you work with?

    We work with dozens of professional artists all over the country in every medium and from every identity and background. We are 100% inclusive and require professionalism, great communication, and positive collaboration from all the artists we work with on corporate art projects.

    Can we hire a local muralist?

    Absolutely! We can also source artists from a broader geographic range, if there is a popular artist you’d like to work with or an alignment in aesthetics that can’t be passed up.

    Do you help us pick an artist?

    Yes! This is a huge part of what we bring to the able – vetted, professional, and incredibly talented artists. We’ll help find the best mural artist for hire for the project.

    How do your custom mural services work?

    We help you hone in on the concept for the mural (if not clear already), then help you select an artist based on that. Once the artists is selected based on the concept, the actual design inspiration is confirmed, and the artist then creates the design.

    What type of space is best suited for an office mural or workplace mural?

    Any large wall that is decently lit and is in a space frequently trafficked or that makes a big impact due to its location – entry ways, stairwells, feature walls, foyers, etc.

    Can we do an external mural?

    Surely! It just depends on the time of year and the surface of the wall, but it can almost always get figured out!

    What does your custom mural service include?

    We manage, curate, organize, project manage, and provide oversight, creative direction, and quality control for the entire project. Working with IPM ensures a great result, helps manage internal stakeholders, and protects your companies’ interests as well as the process of the artists so everything goes off without a hitch.

    Do you take photo & video of the project?

    We do! A lot! We publish content around the project but also provide Deluxe Photo & Video options for purchase.

    Do you put up any information about the art?

    Yes! We provide a small framed piece that explains how the art on your walls is helping IPMM provide art programs for schools. We also include a QR to content about the art or IPMM, and our mission, bringing the art to life.

    Where do you offer your office mural services?

    The United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, and South America.

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