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Employees Take Office Design into their Own Hands: 10 Brilliant Sticky-Note Art Masterpieces

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Dec 11, 2017

If you work in an office, odds are have more Sticky-Notes than any company could use in 1,000 years. If so, and your job also has a tendency to grind your soul down into a warm paste, snatch up some of those Sticky-Notes and get to creating some funny sticky note art that’s sure to spice up your office without costing you your job. Probably.

  1. The Thought Bubble: A classic piece of sticky-note art. Get as many post-its necessary to arrange a thought cloud that, to the visitor in your doorway, is clearly coming out of your head. On good days it could say, “DAMN I’M GOOD AT THIS.” On others it might say, “Zzzzzz.”
  2. The American Quilt: Have every coworker design one Post-it and hang the collage on a common wall to display your office’s wacky, weird, slightly scary personality.
  3. The “Kick Me”: Rest in Peace to this classic prank. We’re not allowed to kick coworkers anymore, but you can still take this old favorite to new, less mature levels by papering an unsuspecting co-worker’s back with, “Drunk At Work,” “Give Me A Pointless Task” and “I Break for Justin Bieber.”
  4. The Post-It Slinky: Is your favorite coworker down in the dumps? Brighten their day by sending a post-it slinky cascading off the top of their monitor down onto their keyboard. It’s the funnest way to completely torpedo their concentration.  
  5. The Window Composition: If you have a window and it doesn’t already have Ms. PacMan about to gobble up a massive cherry, you’re wasting valuable real estate and deserve to be banished back to the bullpen.
  6. The New Paint Job: This giant of post-it note art projects involves Sticky-notes all over the boss’ car. A car’s panels act as veritable paint-by-number sections, allowing even the least artistic dolt to create a bold, clean color scheme for a look that tells fellow commuters, “They really got me today.”
  7. The Passive-Aggressive: Uncomfortable expressing your true feelings? Use post-its to send thinly veiled messages to coworkers and friends. Draw 50 angry-face post-its surrounding one scared-faced post-it to let your boss know their leadership style could use some tweaks.
  8. The Stay Away: An 8-foot face of a clown. Enough said.
  9. The Crushing Malaise: An 8-foot picture of Dilbert. Your coworkers will finally understand exactly how you feel about them, your job, and the pointlessness of human existence.
  10. The Office Heist: Can’t sleep? Grab 20,000 post-its and head to the office. Then enjoy the looks on your co workers’ faces when they wake up to find floor-to-ceiling Star Wars characters on every wall.

Who knew only a few hundred Sticky-Notes could jumpstart your creativity? Like most great ideas, millennials have already posted amazing stop-motion videos on YouTube featuring post-it stick figures traveling the world, a full-wall Pole Position video game, and an office invaded by a symphony of Post-it Slinkie Waterfalls.

Start now and free yourself from a world where Post-it’s only tell you the awful tasks you’ve yet to complete.

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Dec 11, 2017

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