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IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 29 – Spies On Bikes

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Aug 13, 2013

ipmm audio series episode 29 spies on bikes

Words by Evan La Ruffa

Through the years it has been our pleasure to link up with a variety of record labels, art galleries, and other stables of creative output, based on our affinity for the artists they bring together. That perfectly describes IPMM’s connection with Relief In Abstract Records, based in Orlando, Florida. Every single one of their artists is incredible, with our first foray into their palette coming through the collage work of their Creative Director, Guillermo Casanova. When we extended a record label wide invitation to our audio series, we were extremely excited to hear Spies On Bikes was up to it.


Spies on Bikes on Relief In Abstract Records

Here’s a bit more on him:

“A childhood memory of imaginary war games and neighborhood kids on patrol sets the nostalgic atmosphere of Tampa, FL’s singer/songwriter Nathan Cochran, better known as Spies On Bikes. Nathan’s natural take on electronic music starts with experimental recordings that evoke personal memories, good and bad. These sounds build walls of dreamful spaces extricated from environments of the past, striping away haze and leaving songs that glisten with varied inspiration.

The result is an organic yet dynamic combination, melding synths with the stark simplicity of an acoustic guitar. Sifting through the sounds of ambience and glittering intensity, Spies On Bikes envisions sound that bring both amiability and seclusion to the forefront.” via Relief In Abstract

IPaintMyMind Audio Series: Episode 29 – Spies On Bikes by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud


As always, in their own words:

“Lately I’ve found myself returning to the tracks of my “electronic music youth.” That is to say, the tracks that got me acquainted with the genre, tunes that made me fall in love with it. I found myself getting into “electronic music” at the tail end of the 1990’s and into the new millenium. By 2004 I was fully enveloped, totally immersed. The classic and of course timeless early Warp Artists, Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Squarepusher were a gateway into the vast realm of electronic sounds. From there it was onto the labels Merck Records, Plant Mu, Ghostly International and Kranky to name a few. Back then there was a lot of “IDM” which I absolutely adore. It is really IDM that compelled me to learn electronic music production. I characterize most of that genre as having intricate percussive elements and very lyrical melodies. Those tunes were all so melodic! You could literally hum them all! Great harmonic content! And the percussion, so complex, so evolving and detailed! Just listen to any Venetian Snares track. His percussive work is mind boggling. I spent months learning how to program drums like him. I’ve got several break core tunes from 2006 – 2007 that approximate his style pretty well. I spent years emulating all those artists I looked up to. I’ve been producing solo work since 2004. It took me 6 years to feel comfortable enough to actually release something and that something was Man Overboard. The tracks in this mix are a return to my early influences and in many ways now represent my current influences. My next release will likely echo the early 2000’s but propel your mind towards my vision of future music. Also in the mix are some new tracks by Gold Panda, Bibio, Lusine and James Blake. That new Gold Panda track is complete IDM, and is stark contrast to his now mostly four to the flour style work. It’s all pretty chill and melodic. I hope you enjoy.”

1. Amber Button – Isan
2. The Most Livable City – Gold Panda
3. Deep Like Airline Failure – Proem
4. Dye the Water Green – Bibio
5. Hilly – Minotaur Shock6. 
6. We Have a Map of the Piano – Mum
7. Opening – Cepia
8. Lucky – Lusine
9. Alberto Basalm – Aphex Twin
10. First Fires – Bonobo
11. Grind – Les Sins
12. Please Don’t Remember – The Flashbulb
13. Life Round Here – James Blake
14. So Scientific – Dabrye

Stream it on Mixcloud

Spies on Bikes on Relief In Abstract Records

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Aug 13, 2013

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