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IPaintMyMind Curates Art Into New Docusign Facility in Warrenville, IL

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jul 02, 2015

When we talk about making art accessible to everyone, we mean, EVERYONE. Equal access to art is about both ends of the spectrum: white collar office spaces & blue collar community centers, and this partnership puts that in perspective.

Because of Docusign’s participation we’ll be able to offer a FREE Shared Walls™ art exhibition to a community space in the Chicago area!

At IPaintMyMind, we believe that art is something we all have in common. We also believe that life is about those moments when something creative opens your mind, stops time, & enhances your experience by bringing it into focus or providing it in technicolor.

We love being able to embed real value in our mission by offering private companies a few vital creative arts services that support our charitable work. Docusign decided to go with our Shared Walls™ program (temporary loaned art exhibitions) and we look forward to working with them more in the future.

We’ve curated a selection of screen prints by Dan Grzeca and some chromelux collage prints by Tim Jarosz. With a collection pushing 300 pieces, we’re happy to find a wide range of visual art that fits for every application.


IPaintMyMind Intern, Claire Aichholzer


IPaintMyMind Interns, Claire Aichholzer & Maria Camila Vargas


Art by Tim Jarosz


Art by Dan Grzeca


Art by Tim Jarosz being installed by IPMM Founder, Evan La Ruffa

docusign-sharedwalls-installation_19123990469_o docusign-sharedwalls-installation_19310103725_o

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jul 02, 2015

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