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IPMM Audio Series: Episode 26 – Kalaka the Sea-Lion

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 30, 2013

IPMM Audio Series 26 Kalaka FINAL

After connecting in Seattle, IPaintMyMind has been happy to keep in touch with Kalaka the Sea-Lion. His energy and pure love for music are evident as soon as you meet him, and this set he’s gifted us is surely representational of what the man does. It’s all about vinyl for him, as his collection in his living room makes strikingly clear. He’s a Lakers fan and a music encyclopedia, and we’re extremely pleased with his funky, soulful contribution.

To anyone near Ballard, WA, you’re in luck. He spins at The Hazelwood once a month, which means if you haven’t been there for one of his sets, you’re missing out. As always, we let the artists’ speak for themselves:

“This was an hour out of five right in the middle. I like to enjoy fine whiskey and dank when I play, and for the most part my sets are random. I never know what way the music is going to turn. I bring up to 400+ records. I don’t use a computer! Just two mk12s and a battle mixer. No bells and whistles here, just the music on vinyl.  Four crates is heavy and an hour is 13 songs or so, but I never know which way the drinks and vibe are gonna take it. Funk, exotica, soul, jazz, hiphop and reggae are with me all the time. It’s all about the vibe. Enjoy!”


IPaintMyMind DJ Series: Episode 26 – Kalaka the Sea-Lion by Ipaintmymind on Mixcloud


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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 30, 2013

tags: Ballard, fred wesley and the jbs damn right I'm somebody, george benson califorina dreaming, parliament chocolate city, sly stone crossword puzzle, The Hazelwood, the peppers pepperbox, the rolling stones bitch, WA