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Christine Mahoney’s Chaotic and Colorful Landscapes of Abstraction

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Nov 17, 2015

If there’s one word that exists to encompass the essence of Christine Mahoney’s paintings, that word could be “landscapes.” However, her paintings aren’t the landscapes of Hockney or naturalist painters. The young New York-born/Los Angeles-based artist is a painter documenting growth: that of her own and of the world passing around her.

Her paintings are full of inexorable waves of color and energetic movement. The viewer becomes fully engrossed in a world full of landscapes of abstraction. Therefore, the question is, what exactly are her landscapes showing? Memory? Experience? Time? Paint? The artist states, “my abstract landscapes are a reflection on the accumulation of experience. They are records of the passage of time.”

Her canvas rarefies – even beautifies- the world she is documenting to create a new world within a canvas. Recurring motifs in Mahoney’s work consist of shapes resembling leaves, vacuoles – storage bubbles in cells, rolling hills, or neural networks, together creating a chaotic and colorful world. Could it be a representation of the mesh of sights and sounds we experience on the temporal level, or maybe the absurd world of the mind? Either way, Mahoney balances gusts of shapes and color which require a closer observation of her meticulous work.

The artist’s trek in academia – she earned a B.F.A. from State University of New York, Purchase College in painting and drawing with minors in psychology and fine art – seem to uniquely all mold together in her paintings, which tell a journey all their own.

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What May Be Memory

Spring Windshield


Beginnings of a Worthwhile Endeavor

Summer Ends and How to Fail (Fall)


Field Stream Meadow



Christine Mahoney’s official web site offers more examples of her work.

Written by:
Nov 17, 2015

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