Vintage California Photography by Maya Soffia

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Feb 22, 2016

The vintage California photography of Myan Soffia is exquisitely refreshing. Finding a breath of fresh air in cloudy and noisy Los Angeles is truly rare, but look through these photographs and you’ll share the city experience minus the smog and the noise. Soffia perfectly seizes the idealized portrayal of what it is to be “California.” Through her romanticizing lens, Soffia becomes a representative of California to the world.

Preferring to work with the cooler tones of the color wheel, Soffia frames her images in a subtle vignette of blurring, effecting the likeness of vintage photography. She knows the best time to shoot with sunlight. Her photos are always relaxed with a mixture of sun soaked surfaces and lens flair, thick with haze in the air.

The archetypal scenery is a local experience that tourists flock from all over the world to witness for themselves and Soffia nails it: the iconic palm trees of SoCal, city lights blurring on the horizon, downtown Los Angeles – the Hollywood sign, heavy traffic and even more palm trees. The viewer is subsumed by a vision of Hollywood in its golden era that is as blurry as a dream of walking into a vintage postcard.

Soffia’s work has appeared in many pop culture outlets and shops around the globe. The musician Lana Del Rey featured images for her Ultraviolence album. Target and Jack’s Beauty Department in Berlin, Germany have incorporated Soffia’s art into their shops. Her work can also be seen in HBO’s Enlightened among other shows. She has her own Etsy shop if you’d like to make her vintage California photography a part of your home.

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Written by:
Feb 22, 2016

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