Surreal Altered Photography by Matthew Coglianese

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Mar 07, 2016

The surreal altered photography of Matthew Coglianese brings the curious and unimaginable into the visual world. Incorporating elements of his two loves, graphic design and photography, the Chicago based artist produces images of city skylines, women wearing animal masks, Saddam Hussein riding a tricycle – if he’s thought of it, he’s made it.

Brightly displayed and neatly sorted on his web site, the pieces are grouped and themed. Coglianese’s categories include but are not limited to “Chicago”, “Deceiving Eyes”, “Post Apocalyptic”, “WWWTF” and “Europe 2009.”

He applies his skills in Adobe Creative Suite to expand on features in the composition of his digital photographs. He often adds humor as well. In the series titled “Escape Artists,” Coglianese amusingly places animals such as lions, giraffes, whales and even some Tyrannosaurus Rex in the center of black and white, spacious cityscapes of Manhattan and Chicago.

Colgianese, the head of the Marketing & Graphics Department at a Chicago awning company, said his lifelong affairs with art and the process of experimentation have lead him toward focusing on graphic design and photography. To his gratification, these two go hand in hand.

In 2009, the artist finally married his work in photography with his sense of workflow. He enabled himself to capitalize on his own efforts and fully channel his creativity into total control of the design process. Colgianese says that he draws the most enjoyment from altering images because in this step of his creative process the “visual truth” is in his hands. He is able to create something that could never exist otherwise. Today, Colgianese’s work emphasizes the appearance of big banks in his digitally altered photographs.

“Whether I am creating a giant hot dog crashing through a building, or a giraffe casually jaywalking across a busy city street, to a post apocalyptic cityscape, it’s the concepts that most likely could never exist here and now that draw me in closest,” he said on his web site, which features more of his surreal altered photography, but here’s some to wet your pallet.

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Written by:
Mar 07, 2016

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