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Creating Early Childhood Art Lesson Plans
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Over 600 Early Childhood Art Lesson Plan Options + 21 Worksheets

Efficiently manage your schedule and reduce stress with our comprehensive early childhood art lesson plans PDF. Discover a wide range of diverse artists and simplify your planning process for the entire school year!

Choose an Artist, Select a Lesson Plan, and Repeat! It’s that simple.

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Effortlessly introduce art to young learners with the IPaintMyMind Art Lesson Plan Book PDF (K-3 | EARLY CHILDHOOD), focusing on early childhood education. These plans are designed to save you time and reduce stress, allowing you to enjoy more family time.

Explore over 30 artists and choose from 7 early childhood-specific lesson plans with ready-to-use worksheets, giving you more than 600 ways to tailor your teaching!

  • Save hours on planning
  • Streamline your scheduling
  • Teach about diverse artists
  • Start lessons quickly with included worksheets

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Once you purchase the PDF, we’ll send it to you via email so you can get started! Now whether a Kindergarten class and all the way up to 3rd grade, you’ll be able to adapt lesson plans for your Early Childhood students!

Use our Simple 3-Step Process – choose an artist that you would like to learn about as a reference for the lesson plan. Learn about the artist, then jump in! You can review the PDF Before Class to prepare or In-Class, by projecting it on your wall and showing your students what artists they can choose from. For K-3 classes, you might wanna be the curator then facilitate with the worksheet for each lesson!

You and your students will learn about greats like Georgia O’Keeffe, Bisa Butler, Keith Haring and 30+ other diverse artists, both living and deceased!

Choose From 7
Early Childhood Lesson Plans
  • 7 Creative Art Lesson Plans with Accompanying Worksheets
  • Appropriate for Grades Kindergarten through 3rd Grade
  • Featuring Diverse Artists You and Your Class Can Learn About
  • Satisfies National Core Arts Standards
  • Used by Thousands of Teachers Nationwide

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Worksheets are included with each art lesson plan, making it easy to get students focused as soon as they arrive!

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  • Save Countless Hours, Rinse and Repeat
  • Use the Lessons for All Your Classes
  • Relax and De-Stress
  • Get Excited About Teaching Art Again
  • Feature Artists That Look Like Your Students!
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“The art activities in the art lesson plan book PDF are truly engaging and it has really caught the attention of my students! From the bottom of my heart, thank you IPMM!”

S. Jimenez

K-12 Art Teacher 
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“IPMM supports us in our efforts to provide high quality culturally responsive art lesson plans to all our students!”

K. Shanovich

High School Art Teacher
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“IPMM’s PDF art lesson plan book, their artwork, and their access to artists is truly a great resource for teachers and students.”

C. Graves

K-12 Principal


Streamline your teaching with our comprehensive Early Childhood Art Lesson Plans, saving you time and effort.



Effortlessly prepare engaging Preschool Art Projects and Kindergarten Art Lessons with our straightforward guides.



Quickly tailor our customizable worksheets to suit any early childhood grade level, from Toddler Art Activities to 3rd Grade Art Projects.



Choose from a selection of over 30 diverse artists to enrich your Creative Art Lesson Plans and provide a representative experience for your students.



  • You’re eager to introduce your young learners to a broader range of diverse artists.
  • You want to revitalize your collection of Preschool Art Projects and Kindergarten Art Lessons.
  • You’re keen on acquiring new skills and insights to enhance your Early Years Art Curriculum.
  • You aim to incorporate local artistic influences into your classroom.
  • You believe that learning innovative teaching methods can make you a more effective educator.
  • You’re looking to inject more creativity and excitement into your teaching year.
  • You seek specialized resources for art educators that will help you diversify your Creative Art Lesson Plans.
  • You wish to refine your art lesson planning to make it more dynamic and engaging for young minds.
  • You aspire to deliver Educational Art for Early Learners that will motivate and inspire.
  • You’re interested in adapting our art lesson plans to engage a wider age range, from toddlers to third graders.
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We guarantee that our Early Childhood Art Lesson Plan book will streamline your planning process, inject fun into your classroom, and provide a culturally inclusive educational art experience for early learners. As a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, every purchase of our Digital Art Lesson Plan PDF helps us extend arts programming to under-resourced schools and supports educators across the country.


What is an Early Childhood Art Lesson Plan?

An early childhood art lesson plan is a structured guide designed to help educators teach art to young children, typically ranging from preschool to third grade. These plans include worksheets and step-by-step instructions for activities that foster creativity and developmental skills.

Why are Creative Art Lesson Plans important for young children?

Creative art lesson plans stimulate imagination, enhance fine motor skills, and improve visual-spatial reasoning. They provide a structured way for children to explore materials, concepts, and techniques, fostering artistic development in early childhood.

Can I find Digital Art Lesson Plans for early learners?

Yes, our digital art lesson plans are crafted to engage young minds using technology and inexpensive materials, making art accessible to every child and supporting you with a variety of resources, including coloring sheets and a great Mini-Mural Activity!

What kind of Preschool Art Projects do you offer?

Our preschool art projects are designed to be enjoyable and suitable for little hands, focusing on sensory activities and elemental materials and tools, which are pivotal in the early years art curriculum.

Do you have Toddler Art Activities?

Absolutely! Our toddler art activities are perfect for the youngest artists, emphasizing tactile experiences and simple, engaging tasks that help toddlers express their creativity while enhancing motor skills.

What will I find in your Kindergarten Art Lessons?

Our kindergarten art lessons are tailored to introduce children to the basics of art, including colors, shapes, and simple projects featuring our diverse artists’ section, intended to inspire you and your students. These lessons help kindergarteners develop a foundation in art while enjoying the process of making something unique and learning about artists that look like them.

How do Pre-K Art Lessons support educational goals?

Pre-K art lessons are designed to align with educational goals by promoting cognitive development, language skills, and emotional growth. They encourage children to experiment and learn through creative play, which is critical for early learning success. The IPaintMyMind Art Lesson Plans Book PDF’s are all aligned with National Core Arts Standards.

How do art activities support Artistic Development in Early Childhood?

Art activities provide the tools and opportunities for children to explore their creativity, helping to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. They also support emotional expression and enhance children’s ability to communicate visually.

Are these art lesson plans aligned with the Early Years Art Curriculum?

Yes, all our art lesson plans are developed with the early years art curriculum in mind, ensuring that they meet educational standards and developmental milestones for early childhood education.

What benefits does Educational Art offer for early learners?

Art IS social-emotional learning (SEL)! Educational art not only nurtures creativity and sociability, it also enhances academic skills, such as math and reading readiness, through patterns, counting, and narrative arts. It plays a crucial role in the holistic development of early learners by integrating sensory experiences with learning objectives.

How will I receive my Art Lesson Plan Book PDF?

After your purchase, you will receive the PDF via email. Please check your SPAM folders in case your email service put it there.

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