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For all the passé ways in which corporations conduct their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), you see a huge opportunity in rethinking that wheel with us.

You really want to do something more impactful, create a space that unites your teams, and be part of a bigger purpose, a great cause, or a vision for a better future – and we couldn’t agree more. No one understands the transformative power of art more than us, and that’s why we source the best local artists to bring your artistic visions to life.

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then our murals speak much more than just words- they communicate a lively, vibrant energy that makes a space memorable and impactful.

As a C-suite, curator, designer, office manager, or CSR professional, we understand that your office has to be amazing, it has to live and breathe your ethos — and you can do that through our workplace murals. In fact, murals can fit in pretty much any corporate environment, as long as they are executed professionally. As an experiential art company, we seek to create art that will not only fill your walls but engage the minds of people, giving them an immersive and memorable experience.

Simply put: our mural services and office wall murals are an awesome solution for companies looking to set themselves apart while giving back to the community. If you want to liven up your work spaces in your tech startup, hotel, banking hall, or some other organization, there’s a mural that can bring your space to life and inspire your employees and visitors. More business owners are moving away from tired spaces to livelier artsy spaces, and this explains why murals have become increasingly popular in many corporate environments. If you’re looking to get the perfect custom mural for your space, we’ve got you covered.

More and more modern offices are incorporating wall murals into their design due to an increased understanding of their benefits. Besides their trendiness, office murals can communicate the intangible values of a company to employees and visitors. The office environment is where many employees spend a third of their days, therefore it’s crucial to explore and implement artistic designs that bring a working environment to life.

With IPMM, it’s even much more than just you, your company, and your employees-you get the unique privilege of positively affecting your local community in the most creative way.

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For Top-Rated Companies

Add some vibrancy to the interior design of your work environment. Learn more about how your company can benefit from engaging and impactful restaurant and office wall murals from a creative experiential art company. Our Art Consulting Services for Murals & Commissions generates the same leverage that has helped us provide FREE art to nearly 160 community spaces.

With plenty of artists in our rolodex with as many styles to choose from, we pair you with a muralist for hire who will showcase your brand in the best way possible while managing the entire process to ensure satisfaction. We understand that every business has a different vision, so we work hard to help you find the best mural artist for your needs.

Join companies like adidas and LinkedIn, in hosting a mural in your office & enlisting IPaintMyMind to match you with likeminded, creative, local mural painters who can turn your space into a bold & energetic statement about your culture & impact. Contact us today!

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Your office could go from boring to bright?
Your company supported the community?
Your brand fueled a unique local mission?
Your business made an impressive statement?

Premier companies that survive uncertain times are strategic, creative, and driven. They provide value that binds them to the right partners, and IPaintMyMind is an experiential art company that’s proud to work with such companies.

Giving your company a good reason to fuel the return to the workplace is paramount these days, and keeping top employees is about culture, community, and buy-in.

We rely on each other more than ever, and we’ve found that our art interior design murals create an incredible connection to the community-at-large, opening up your company to a local vision for a better world. See the difference an interior design mural artist can make in your space.

When you work with IPMM, the mural in your companies’ space helps provide FREE art to underserved communities.





Book a FREE Art Consultation HERE or contact our team via the form below so we can learn more about your ideas, company, goals, desired timeline, and aesthetic vibe.

We love the friendships we nurture via this process, and we take great pride in delivering a mural that meets your needs while giving back to local schools.



Our curation team visits your space to get a feel for the area identified for the mural project. We take plenty of photos, make notes, suggest options, and provide a custom proposal.

We love being able to take your ideas and turn them into a cohesive project that fits your brand perfectly!



We have great relationships with artists nationwide, and are happy to curate a few that we think are aligned with your mission and work. We propose a few options with examples of their work so you can weigh the possibilities & select an artist that fits your office’s vibe.

Once you’ve made your artist selection, we’re ready to start tracking along with your custom project timeline, provided by our team.



We execute your mural on-site with your selected artist and our support staff. We take care of it all – handling logistics, installation, and everything in between. We produce photography & video cataloging the creation of your project so you can show your network how your office is coming to life.

We take pride in making it easy for you to select your art and relax! Just sit back and enjoy.



After your mural is completed, we identify a local community space to be the beneficiary of a FREE art exhibition because of our unique model that turns services into philanthropy.

We invite you to join us to help install art in a local community, giving you a first-hand connection to the people your project is working to support. There is no better feeling than helping out through our creative approach!


From selecting an impactful space, to curating artists for you to choose from, to executing the project from A to Z, and mobilizing it for more local arts impact, we handle it all.

Pricing: murals start at $10,000 with every project receiving a custom proposal as well as suggestions as to content, themes, color palettes, etc.



“It was a pleasure to meet you onsite and to work with IPaintMyMind. You delivered in every capacity. So glad you do what you do!”

Heidi Schmidt

Sr. Project Manager, L.S. Brinker
Our Mural Projects


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Sam Kirk

Sheefy McFly



  • You want to create a cool & attractive office
  • You know art energizes and inspires
  • You know that great employees need a sweet space to work from
  • You understand that giving back has huge upside
  • You like connecting with a creative mission in your city

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    As an experiential art company, we’re always excited to hear from people and companies who want to embrace art and give back creatively. If you’re interested in having an amazing interior design mural artist visit your workplace and update your art interior design, we’d love to talk about your vision. Contact us today to discuss your next project.

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