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Worlds Within, As Seen by Davies Babies

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May 05, 2015

Inside each of us lives a world left unseen by others, or at least by the non-observant eyes. But it’s the eyes of the artist that see us most clearly. Davies Babies’ eyes see the world as clear, open and beautiful. Davies Babies a.k.a. David Iwane, a photographer, illustrator and graphic designer from Colorado captures the wild side of humanity – the natural, simplistic, pure and lovely side.

His work is symbolic and filled with all of the glory and beauty of The Romantics. Iwane’s work is a forest full of transcendental philosophies. At times, it feels like a scene from a Renoir film. You get lost in it, wander through it, and find pieces of yourself hidden within it. Davies Babies’ art is poetic. It represents everything and nothing at once, or perhaps, it’s a thin stream running through both.

Both pure and stylistic, his photographic eye catches not moments, but feelings in time: faces framed by trees, figures standing in the flowers. Using double exposure photography to capture candid portraits outlined in the beauty of the natural world, his is the quiet eye that peers within.

In a time and place where poeticism feels lost, it’s nice to escape into the art of Davies Babies. It’s a pause from a busy day. It’s an escape from the noisy city. It’s that moment of peace we spend our lives working for. David Iwane knows that the world is most beautiful when it’s poetic. His art tells the poems of our lives.

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Written by:
May 05, 2015

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