We love curating art for our website, and then looking for ways to include those artists at the IPaintMyMind Gallery @ Green Exchange in Chicago & in our Shared Walls Rotating Art Program.

Beginning our relationship with you the artist, by saying, “We think your art is amazing and we’d love to tell a broader audience about your work” is a pretty good place to start from.

We curate broadly but gravitate toward illustration, collage (analog & digital), design oriented work, urban photography, and more. We tend to focus on screenprints & giclees, so if you don’t offer those, we’re probably not a fit.

To be featured by IPaintMyMind, you must have the following in place:

  1. A website with your portfolio easy visible
  2. Already sell prints or have the ability to create prints

We invite you to submit your work as we accept submissions on a rolling basis.

If we decide to feature your work on the website, we’ll be thinking of ways to work you into our various Arts Programs & Services, because we believe in helping you earn income  from your art  – so you can make more of it.

The bottom line is… We PROMOTE your work, COLLECT your work, and HELP YOU SELL more of it.

No exclusive agreements, all support.

Because of quantity of submissions, we are not able to reply to everyone. That said, thanks for making the work you’re called to make, and be sure to check out the other Artist Resources on



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