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Save Time & Energy
Building Art Lesson Plans From Scratch
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Reclaim Precious Family Time
Over 600 Lesson Plan Options + 21 Worksheets

Save time, reduce stress, discover diverse artists, and streamline your entire school year with our professionally built art lesson plans PDF!

Pick An Artist. Pick A Lesson Plan. Do It Again! It’s that simple.

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Art Lesson Plans That Save Time & Reduce Stress

With the IPaintMyMind Art Lesson Plan Book PDF (K-12 | 2023 – 2024), you can efficiently implement art lesson plans that are rooted in representation, while also reclaiming your evenings, weekends, and family time.

With over 30 artists to discover and 21 lesson plans with accompanying worksheets, there are over 600 lesson plan options to customize!

  • Save time, stop spending many hours lesson planning
  • Streamline your week, month, year
  • Learn & teach about diverse artists
  • Implement immediately with worksheets

All for just $49!!!

BUY $49 Lesson Plan Book PDF NOW!
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Once you purchase the PDF, we’ll send it to you via email so you can get started! Now, you and your students become the curators of your classroom!

Use our Simple 3-Step Process – begin by selecting an artist to feature as a reference for the lesson plan. Use the PDF Before Class to prepare, or In-Class, by projecting it on your wall and showing your students what artists they can choose from.

You and your students will learn about greats like Frida Kahlo, Kerry James Marshall, Jean-Michel Basquiat and 30+ other diverse artists, both living and deceased!

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Choose From 21
Age-Specific Lesson Plans
  • 21 Lesson Plans with Accompanying Worksheets
  • Appropriate for Grades K-12
  • Organized by age group — K-3, 4-8, 9-12
  • Designed to satisfy National Core Arts Standards
  • Over 600 options to enjoy

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Worksheets are included with each art lesson plan, making it easy to get students focused as soon as they arrive!

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  • Use the same lesson plans for different classes!
  • Select age and skill level appropriate lesson plans
  • Embrace learning about diverse artists
  • Give your kids examples of artists they see themselves in
  • Allow students to select their own artist to study then have them teach each other when sharing with the class
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BUY $49 Lesson Plan Book PDF Now

“The art activities in the art lesson plan book PDF are truly engaging and it has really caught the attention of my students! From the bottom of my heart, thank you IPMM!”

S. Jimenez

K-12 Art Teacher 
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“IPMM supports us in our efforts to provide high quality culturally responsive art lesson plans to all our students!”

K. Shanovich

High School Art Teacher
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“IPMM’s PDF art lesson plan book, their artwork, and their access to artists is truly a great resource for teachers and students.”

C. Graves

K-12 Principal


save time and energy planning lessons with our detailed art lesson plans



quickly prepare engaging activities for your students



quickly customizable worksheets for any grade level



pick from over 30 diverse artists


This Art Lesson Plan Book PDF is perfect for you if...

  • You’re looking to present more diverse artists to your students
  • You’re looking to freshen up your rotation of art lesson plans
  • You’re focused on learning new skills and info to bring into the classroom
  • You want to embrace art in your local area
  • You know to become a better teacher you need to learn new tricks
  • You want to add some excitement to your school year
  • You’re looking for resources for art teachers that will help you diversify your lesson plan
  • You want to improve your art lesson planning to make it more engaging
  • You want to present an art lesson that will inspire your students
  • You are looking to reach more age groups by using our art lesson plans for elementary school children
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We promise that our Art Lesson Plan Book will save you time, add excitement to your school year, and ensure you’re delivering a truly representative experience for your students.

IPMM is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.

All sales of our Art Lesson Plan Book PDF enable us to support arts programming in underfunded schools and for teachers nationwide.


Will these art lesson plans save me time?

100%! If you had no plan and just used every art lesson in the PDF, you’d be good to go!

Will these art lesson plans make my job easier?

Definitely! Instead of taking all kinds of time to research and create new lesson plans from scratch, you can rely on these to streamline the entire process.

How do I use these art lesson plans?

Simple 3-Step Process: Pick An Artist, Pick A Lesson Plan, Do it Again! You get to curate or let your students curate! Go to the Artist Section and make your selection. Then Pick A Lesson Plan for the correct age range you are teaching, and Print Out the corresponding worksheet.

Can I use it before class or in class?

Both! You can prepare for each class by using the PDF as outlined in the previous question, or you can project the PDF on the wall during class to lead your students in an exploration of the artist they choose!

Are these good art lesson plans for elementary students?

They are. We break these art lesson plans down into three age ranges: K-3, 4th-8th, and 9th-12th.

Are these good art lesson plans for high school students?

You’ll want to use lesson plans from the 9-12th section, where the format, skill level, and application is all better for high school students.

Are these easy art lesson plans that even non-art teachers can benefit from?

Definitely. Be sure to watch the video in Section 1 of the IPMM Art Lesson Plan Book, which goes over our Simple 3-Step Process.

How does this support professional development for art teachers?

Teachers get to learn about a diversely curated of famous and emerging artists through the IPMM Art Lesson Plan Book PDF. It will enrich your knowledge base, give you experience with new mediums and approaches, and is super practical since each lesson plan comes with an accompanying worksheet for you to print off.

What can I gain from using this rich interactive PDF?

Save time, streamline your lesson planning, and learn a lot about cool artists.

Do you offer a physical copy?

We no longer provide a physical copy since the rich outbound linking throughout the PDF makes it much richer and dynamic of a resource for art teachers. It is great to use on an iPad or tablet!

How will I receive my Art Lesson Plan Book PDF?

After your purchase, you will receive the PDF via email. Please check your SPAM folders in case your email service put it there.

Is this Art Lesson Plan Book aligned with National Core Arts Standards?

100%! Our Team of Content Specialists and Educators built this lesson plan PDF with rigorous standards. At the end of the PDF you’ll see a link to in-depth information on how the IPMM Art Lesson Plan Book is aligned with National Core Arts Standards.

How are these easy lesson plans to implement?

Our Simple 3-Step Process is everything you need. Curate and have fun!

Are there any printables, printouts, or worksheets included?

Every single art lesson plan in the PDF includes an accompanying worksheet that you can print out and have on students desk when they arrive in your class.

Will this help me learn and teach about diverse artists?

It will, and that is one of the aspects of this resource for art teachers that we believe is most important. Our Artist Section features a diverse collection of artists curated by our team to reflect the diverse range of communities we work with. We love students and teachers being able to see themselves in the artists we feature, and overall there are over 600 combinations of artists and lesson plans included in this PDF!

Do you have other resources for art teachers?

Tons! Browse the Schools section of our website via our top navigation menu to learn about our coloring book, workshops, online resources, digital workshops, artist process video series, and more.

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