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Artist Feature: Kerry James Marshall Link

Artist Feature: Kerry James Marshall

The rich imagery of a Kerry James Marshall painting is full of color, emotion, and memory. Each new piece he creates embraces blackness as a signifier of difference, to explore the relationship of black people to American identity, the lack of black people as subjects or creators in the...

Nov 24, 2023
Artist Feature: Vik Muniz Link

Artist Feature: Vik Muniz

Vik Muniz’s photography embraces the painterly and sculptural with his unique process. He uses unconventional materials and found objects to create expressive images that often reference the work of the Old Masters, which he then photographs. Muniz’s pieces use anything from chocolate syrup to dust to diamonds to compose...

Nov 04, 2023
Artist Feature: Lorna Simpson Link

Artist Feature: Lorna Simpson

Lorna Simpson is a multimedia artist best known for her black and white images displayed next to expressive and poetic snippets of text and her detailed collages featuring black women with fantastical hairdos. Simpson’s art is ambiguous, leaving space for imagination and deeper consideration. She delves deeply into identity,...

Oct 25, 2023
Artist Feature: Barbara Kruger Link

Artist Feature: Barbara Kruger

You’ve probably seen Barbara Kruger’s iconic black and white images overlaid with white-on-red text, loudly proclaiming uncomfortable truths about mass media, beauty standards, and power. Her word art is meant to provoke questions, interrogate assumptions, and challenge viewers to be more critical of advertising and mass media. Her pieces...

Oct 15, 2023
Artist Feature: Ai Wei Wei Link

Artist Feature: Ai Wei Wei

Ai Weiwei is the most famous Chinese artist alive, although his status as a dissident in his home country complicates his relationship with Chinese identity. His prolific body of sculptural, installation, video and performance pieces span several continents and dozens of mediums. His installation piece and investigations about the...

Oct 05, 2023
Artist Feature: Kara Walker Link

Artist Feature: Kara Walker

Kara Walker is best known for her large-scale installations made entirely of silhouettes cut from black paper. Her rooms are full of intricate paper tableaux that address race, the legacy of slavery and Jim Crow, sexuality, and power in America. She questions and disrupts romantic ideas of the American...

Sep 25, 2023
Artist Feature: Jean-Michel Basquiat Link

Artist Feature: Jean-Michel Basquiat

Jean-Michel Basquiat took the art world by storm in the 1980s, thanks to his pioneering combination of abstract expressionism and elements of graffiti art style. His paintings often incorporated text, including poetry, historical references, and political statements. However, his artistic career was cut tragically short when he died at...

Sep 15, 2023
Artist Feature: Bisa Butler Link

Artist Feature: Bisa Butler

Step into the vibrant world of Bisa Butler, where art and textiles intertwine to create captivating portraits that celebrate history, culture, and the power of artistic expression. Born in 1973, Butler’s work is a remarkable homage to African American quilting traditions and the stories they tell. With an array...

Sep 05, 2023
Artists Feature: Augusta Savage Link

Artists Feature: Augusta Savage

Meet Augusta Savage, an artist who left an indelible mark on the world of sculpture. Born in 1892, her creative journey unfolded during a time of entrenched bias against black women in the art scene. Yet, through her expressive clay and cast-metal sculptures, Savage triumphed as one of the...

Aug 25, 2023
Artist Feature: Kehinde Wiley Link

Artist Feature: Kehinde Wiley

Introducing Kehinde Wiley: Reimagining Art’s Legacy Bold, innovative, and unapologetic, Kehinde Wiley breathes new life into the world of portraiture. Born in 1977, this remarkable artist challenges traditional norms by inserting black Americans into the historically whitewashed canvases of Old Masters paintings. Through his brush strokes, he transforms ordinary...

Aug 08, 2023