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Are you looking for a unique corporate charitable giving & corporate social responsibility campaign for your employees in 2023?

IPaintMyMind can help! We’ve worked for 11+ years to bring art programs to over 150 Chicago Public Schools citywide as well as resources, tools, and products in support of thousands of art teachers and young people all over the USA.

That’s where you come in. Our charitable giving and corporate social responsibility partnerships are all about employee engagement and making a real difference in your local area.

At IPaintMyMind, we provides companies with a simple, plug-n-play model to support your city through charitable giving that supports local teachers, students, and communities by helping provide the art programs they need and deserve. Your company can single-handedly ensure art teachers in your city have the support that is systematically cut from school budgets year after year.

By donating in increments of $5000, your company can usher in a new era of creative equity through active, and creative corporate social responsibility. Click below to get started!


  • An 80+ Page Art Curriculum that satisfies National Core Arts Standards
  • Art Supplies For Their Students
  • Discounts on Art Resources for The Classroom
  • Ongoing Professional Development provided by IPMM Staff
  • Local Tools for Creating An Engaging Arts Classroom
  • Art Installations In Schoo

IPMM Team Members will work closely with your team to plan your Sponsor A School Campaign (April – August), ensuring that your company and its employees can raise as much for your partner school as possible!


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Review the information on this page and then schedule a call wiht our team to review your charitable giving and engagement goals!
We’re evaluating corporate engagement partnerships on a rolling basis and will let you know as soon as we have a decision.


After deciding on a fundraising goal, we’ll create your fundraising dashboard. Whether supporting a school in a particular part of town, or that serves a specific demographic, we love pairing our backers with a deserving community and its leaders. The cool thing is that you’ll be able to build a relationship with the school through volunteering and support year after year.


We publish your dedicated webpage featuring you and the community you’re supporting, giving you one easy place to send anyone helping to fundraise for your school. We’ll connect you directly with your school so you can collaborate directly throughout the campaign and we’ll share a kick-off dinner together. Then we really get after it and kickstart things!


Get out there and hit your fundraising goal! Host a dinner, a virtual gathering, send emails to friends & colleagues, share your fundraising page on social media, and even ask your partners & clients to support your goal! By keeping the campaign concise, we ensure you can fully commit to meet the goal, then get back to your regularly scheduled messaging.


Once you reach your fundraising goal, we’ll celebrate together and organize your continued involvement with your partner school. Whether helping us install the school’s next art gallery or volunteering at a workshop, we ensure lasting connection & partnership.

You’ll also receive an IPMM Art Prize Pack for meeting your mark, including art prints, IPMM gear, and more!


  • What if your corporate charitable giving engaged your employees?
  • What if your CSR efforts helped you attract and retain the best?
  • What if your business leveraged their community participation better?
  • And what if it was all part of an easy, plug-n-play program to jumpstart today?

For any corporation whose charitable giving priorities include education and the arts, as well as underserved urban and working class areas, IPaintMyMind is the nonprofit to work with!

Each $5000 donated will support up to 25 Local Teachers!!

Schools are underfunded & corporate charitable giving departments need new, cool, locally impactful solutions. Together we can make sure every kid in our nation has access to the inspiring arts programming they should get to experience. Let’s make a difference, together.

Teaching art
Support Teachers & Students

Charitable Giving with IPaintMyMind invites companies operating in nationwide to apply to be selected as one of our charitable giving partners for 2023, and potentially beyond. This extends to companies nationwide, providing real employee engagement opportunities for companies that care.

The perfect company to partner with IPMM cares deeply about arts education and education at large, and understands supporting kids as one of its giving priorities. We’re also open to companies looking to begin giving in these areas.

What’s more, we know that students who receive an arts education are:

  • 5x less likely to drop out of school
  • 4x more likely to be recognized for academic achievement
  • 3x more likely to receive a bachelor degree
  • 30% more inclined to pursue a professional career

Join The IPaintMyMind Movement!

“IPaintMyMind, thank you for sharing your artwork with our school! The Shared Walls Program has stimulated great interest and enjoyment in our hallways amongst the staff and students alike. We are currently exploring possible projects with maps!”

Ms. Gonzalez,

Art Teacher, Lorca Elementary School

“The team has just been wonderful… they came and did exactly what they said they’d do. IPMM will be a partner, always.”

Dr. Ronald Whitmore

Principal, Smyth IB World School - Chicago, IL

“Thank you for creating such a magical organization!”

Sam Kirk

Independent Artist



  • Your company wants to enhance its charitable giving work
  • You like the idea of one, easy corporate giving campaign
  • You’d like to donate and volunteer
  • You have charitable giving budget to allocate
  • You have offices in Chicago!


TO THOSE WHO BELIEVE ART CHANGES LIVESHey everyone, I’m Evan La Ruffa, founder and Executive Director of IPaintMyMind.

I have always believed that inspiring moments that get us thinking about ourselves and the world in entirely new ways. I also believe that a goal that acknowledges our social ideal of equality is about facilitating those moments for all of us, no matter where we’re from.

If you believe that every community should have access to the power of art, we’d love for you to make a donation to IPaintMyMind today.

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We promise that our Art Lesson Plan Book will save you time, add excitement to your school year, and ensure you’re delivering a truly representative experience for your students.

IPMM is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit.
All sales of our Art Lesson Plan Book enable us to support arts programming in underfunded schools and for teachers nationwide.


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    What can my company do to support IPMMs charitable giving partnership efforts?

    Corporate charitable giving efforts in support of IPaintMyMind can come in the form of monetary donations, donation of stocks, sponsorships of art programs in schools, and contributions that pay for art supplies to be delivered to schools.

    What will our corporate charitable giving contribution provide?

    It will provide IPMM’s in-school arts programs to schools in Chicago as well as expand our reach nationwide and beyond to support art teachers with diverse, accessible, time-saving lesson plans.

    Is IPaintMyMind a top charity to donate to?

    Absolutely! IPaintMyMind is a 7-year running Top Rated Nonprofit as per Great Nonprofits, the foremost website for nonprofits where their worth is measured in feedback from their community.

    Can we volunteer for IPMM’s community initiatives as part of employee engagement activities?

    Yes! As part of our Art Supply Bag Packing events, employees are invited to pack bags with art supplies for deserving students.

    What corporate charitable giving levels are there?

    Program underwriting begins at 50k, School Sponsorships begin at 5k, and Art Supply Bag Packing Events begin at 1k. Schedule a meeting with us today to discuss your options.

    Can we fundraise for IPMM as part of a corporate charitable giving campaign?

    Indeed! We can even set up a specific fundraising website for your efforts, or facilitate donations through platforms like Benevity.

    What cities do you support schools in?

    Our resources for art teachers are available to art teachers and all educators nationwide. Additional support in specific cities allows us to invest in reaching teachers and schools in those markets, making every contribution local as far as its impact. Our biggest reach to teachers has occurred in New York City, Detroit, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, and Chicago. Our HQ is in Chicago, IL where we also provide in-school programs, professional development, and more for arts educators.

    What acknowledgement do we receive for our charitable giving contribution?

    IPMM is happy to provide content to be posted on our blog as well as on your website, as a donor and supporter of our mission. This content effort, as well as PR efforts, help make sure the community-at-large takes note of your involvement in making a difference in your community.

    Is there a donation tax deduction available to donors who make a contribution?

    As a 501(c)(3) charity organization in the U.S., all donations are tax deductible.

    Is IPMM one of the top nonprofits in Chicago? How about nationwide?

    If we were to donate to nonprofit organization programs, why IPMM?

    Because we’ve been around for more than a decade, making an impact with an innovative model – and because of that approach, 100% of donations go directly into program delivery! Direct impact!

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