15 Affordable Art Prints You Can Buy On Amazon.com - 15 Affordable Art Prints You Can Buy On Amazon.com -
15 Affordable Art Prints You Can Buy On Amazon.com

15 Affordable Art Prints You Can Buy On Amazon.com

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Jul 19, 2021

If you’ve been wanting to scratch an art itch, but are a little strapped for cash, check out these 15 affordable art prints that you can buy on Amazon. Some come framed, and others unframed, but they’re all under $30! 

Starting an art collection can be this easy, but we guarantee you it will be hard to stop. 

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Buy Minimalist Line Art

This set of 6 prints makes use of the popular minimalist line art style first popularized with Rupi Kaur’s Milk and Honey. They go a step beyond line art with the swaths of organic muted colors, sticking to earth tones and the greens of foliage. This set of prints is calming and lovely, perfect for a bedroom or other space used primarily to unwind and relax. 

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Buy Herbs Print

This cute Herbs print is perfect kitchen decor. Not only does it look good, but might give you some genuinely useful info whilst cooking! Seriously though, this print is done in the style of a vintage botany textbook or guidebook, and makes for a cute and minimalist backdrop for a clean or earthy space. 

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Buy Vintage National Parks Posters

These four vintage-replica National Parks posters are rugged and fun, great for a more social area in your home! They are done in saturated colors and convey a real sense of the great outdoors. Representing Yellowstone, Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, and the Rocky Mountains, they’ll give you a sense of adventure while you’re stuck quarantining at home. 

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Buy Salvador Dali Print

This Dali reproduction is fantastical and weird, as any good Dali should be. A woman with a head made of roses seems to be sitting for a portrait in a surreal void-like atmosphere. This print draws the eye in, and keeps you coming back for more. I’m sure that I could stare at it all day!

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Buy 6 Mid-Century Modern Prints

These 6 mid-century modern pattern prints are executed in bright, saturated colors. They’re immediately fun and playful, and are sure to brighten any space. Hang them together for a concentrated dose of patterns and sunshine, or spread them around for little pops of color in each room 

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Buy Fruit Prints

Perfect for your kitchen decor needs, this abstract fruit art is fun and unpretentious. The contrasting and saturated colors go well together, and splash outside the lines of the fruits themselves. Enjoy these playful pears, oranges, and lemons for years to come. 

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Buy Yellow Abstract Nude 

This yellow nude is only barely deserving of its name, melting into abstraction through the route of minimalism. The body of the figure in the print is demarcated by only a couple lines, and it’s really the colors that make this print. The sunny, deep yellow and minty green are in perfect harmony for a cheerful yet peaceful print. 


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Buy Oranges 

Another fabulous fruit print, these oranges are cute and cartoonish. They are dispersed nicely to create an almost abstract pattern which makes the print peaceful and centering. This print would be perfect for a kitchen or dining space.

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Buy Mid-Century Modern Martini Print

If you’ve been craving some definite Mad Men flair to round out your space, consider this martini print. It’s solidly mid-century modern, and screams Don Draper. Embrace the retro cool of this piece, which just happens to come already framed and ready to hang.

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Buy Black and White Houses

These black and white houses seem so friendly and neighborly. Although they’re just simple blocks and lines, the print brings to mind Scandanavian traditional style and design. Enjoy the variety of patterns and shapes on these wonky houses, and add this piece to a living room or entryway. 

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Buy Retro Cat Print

I can’t resist a little Atomic Age retro throwback, which is what this print firmly falls into. The diamonds and sparkly stars summon Bewitched vibes, while the black cat makes this piece uniquely adorable. Another already framed piece, this print is ready to pop right on the wall. 

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Buy Mars Retro Poster

For all of the space nerds among us, this Mars the Red Planet poster brings sciencey-fun and Space Race fantasy all at once. Harkening back to 1950s advertising style, the fun travel poster format will invite imagination and adventure into any space you care to put it. 

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Buy Santorini Poster

Another drool-worthy travel print, this abstract representation of the colorful homes of Santorini, Greece, makes me want to stop writing and buy a plane ticket. If it wasn’t a pandemic of course. But, alas, it is, so we’ll have to settle for this gorgeous print instead. 

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Buy Feminist Print Series

These 4 prints will place your feminist icons directly in your home, inspiring you everyday to live your values and stay true to yourself. With RBG, Malala, Rosa Parks, and Frida Kahlo represented, you’ll have four badass women to keep you company.

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Buy Freedom Isn’t Free Series 

Finally, this triptych of prints represents three leaders of the Civil Rights and Black Power movement. By picturing each of MLK’s, Malcolm X’s, and Rosa Parks’ mugshots with the words “Freedom Isn’t Free” emblazoned underneath, this series of prints reminds you of the sacrifice and struggle of activists throughout many generations. These prints will inspire you and drive you towards your goals. 

If you’re not sure where to start, consider hiring an art consultant to curate your space perfectly to the mood, atmosphere, and values that you want to convey. Why an art consultant? They’re experts, uniquely equipped to pick out the very best possible art for your home. 

(Note: Some links in this article are Amazon Affiliate links. This means that we receive a portion of the profit made from each sale using our links.)

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Jul 19, 2021