20 Artists You Should Buy Art From This Holiday Season - 20 Artists You Should Buy Art From This Holiday Season -
20 Artists You Should Buy Art From This Holiday Season

20 Artists You Should Buy Art From This Holiday Season

Written by:
Callie Meyer
Nov 30, 2020

Our artists are the best in the biz and we are so honored to get to share their beautiful pieces and individual charisma to our art loving audience! Buy art, be happy!

Whether you’re looking for an individual print as a gift or looking to refurbish your walls for that upcoming, socially distanced holiday party, we have all the info, discount codes, and connections you need right here!

Why get your art fix through IPaintMyMind? We pride ourselves on supporting and uplifting artists by paying them for their work up front and then connecting those beautiful pieces to buyers as well as connecting talented arts to art lovers so everyone gets a piece of the pie! 

The holidays can be super difficult with all of these pressing issues going on around us, but by giving the gift of art you can support multiple great causes with just one purchase! Check out the talented artists who we showcase in our permanent, rentable collection or on their own websites by using our discount codes.


Michelle Chandra

Chandra is known for her complex geometrical designs which are created from her computer programming and cartographic  knowledge This multi-talented woman also runs her own design company called Dirt Alley Designs!

Website // Instagram 

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Lisa Congdon

Working out of Portland, Congdon is an artist, illustrator, and author with positivity radiating from her art. She specializes in bold colors, hand lettering, geometric designs, and inspiring messages. Her motivational posters and abstract imagery make me want to have a cubicle full of her work! 

Website // Instagram 

Special ARTIST SHOP DISCOUNT – 15% off of her entire web store at www.lisacongdon.com with code IPAINTMYMIND


Bria Corranda

Corranda is a Chicago based artist who specializes in art that has the stylistic qualities of hand drawn or painted art, but is actually made digitally! Her pieces are breathtaking expressions of black womanhood and vulnerability.


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Veroncia Corzo-Duchardt 

Veronica is the Design DIrector at Bitch Magazine, a feminist publication, as well as an incredible abstract artist. Her screen prints are made by digitally and manually editing her photography to create organic yet fragmented art. 

Special ARTIST SHOP DISCOUNT – 15% off of her entire web store at www.winterbureau.com with code IPAINTMYMIND

we are the weavers2

Molly Costello

Imagining a collective future, Costello’s multi medium artistic expression is inspired by nature, astrology, and mysticism. Her naturalistic pieces are perfect for a gardener or plant lover in your life.

Website // Instagram 

fedorowski mary mountainpool

Mary Fedorowski

Fedorowski’s minimalistic designs are sublime. The shining neons that this artist uses are beautifully contrasted to the straight geometric lines and it makes the viewer want to get lost in this imaginary, simpler world. 

Website // Instagram 

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Dolan Geiman

Famous for his collages and mix-media pieces, Geiman aims to reignite appreciation in American naturalism by highlighting the many iconic cultures that shaped us into the modern age. My favorite works of Geiman are those of Indigenous Americans and their fauna.

Website // Instagram

blackbirdgallery molly goldfarb three years later

Molly Goldfarb

One of my favorite artists in our collection, Goldfarb expresses ideas of 90’s Miami girl-bossery, NYC commuter culture, and other iconic American imagery. All of this beauty created in acrylic and digital paint with a dash of vaporwave vibes.

Website // Instagram 


Bee Harris

As one of the most iconic artists in our collection, Harris’s 2-D abstract shapes are innovative as they are recognizable. Giving us dynamic colors, relatable content, and black excellence, there is no wonder why this social justice advocate is on our list! Her website has stationery, prints and apparel so use that discount link! 

Website // Instagram 

Special ARTIST SHOP DISCOUNT – 15% off of her entire web store at www.shopbeeharris.com with code IPAINTMYMIND

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Sandi Hauanio

An artist from Indiana, Hauanio’s abstract prints are architecture & design inspired and are teeming with geometric symmetry. She originally studied furniture design and architecture, a fact which is beautifully evident in their work. 

Website // Instagram 


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Jeff Jordan

Featured in the surrealism section of our collection, Jordan’s transcendent paintings will brighten any room and draw the viewer’s eye. These pieces are absolutely one in a million, embodying an oasis in the desert that is your drywall. 

Instagram // Website

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Kayrock is a screen printing workshop based in Manhattan that produces minimalistic designs for prints, totes, and wallets. Support them and their political action which includes donating their printing services to nonprofits and the Black Lives Matter movement. 

Website // Instagram

muralproject 1316 w 16th street

Sam Kirk

Speaking of architecture, this south side Chicago native features the iconic skyscraper aesthetic in their pieces which are meant to inspire pride in marginalized communities. Kirk’s pieces feature stories of awareness and individuality, expressed through specific color use. 

Website // Instagram

nowyes 70x100 005 shop 2

Eike Konig 

Speaking of Kruger’s block letters, Konig keeps the post-modern, block letter resistance alive with his prints and texts that critique capitalism, iconicity, and society at large. Konig’s use of little color, short statements, and bold type are a critique of branding in 2020. 

Website // Instagram


Tchango Martin

Brazillian Tchango Martin creates beautiful collages that feature his native tongue of Portuguese and magazines from his town of Sao Bernardo Do Campo. Their pieces remind me of Barbra Kruger’s iconicity, but with the addition of colorful modififications and surrealist backgrounds.

Website // Instagram



Nestingzone is artist Izza Wei-Haas’s lifestyle collection company that creates prints, which we have in our collection, as well as botanical goods, custom design work, and body products. Wei-Haas’s magical line work would look great on a witch’s arm or any wall!

Website // Instagram



Vidhya Nagarajan

Continuing with the pop aesthetic is Nagarajan, who creates graphic letter art as well explorative sketches of cities. If you’re looking for a deep dive into cultures or looking for a city specific gift, Vidhya Nagarajan is your go to gal. 

Instagram // Website 

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If you’re a lover of line art like me, you will absolutely adore having one of Quibe’s pieces in your home, on your tote, or laptop. Like their bio on society6,“Simplicity isn’t Simple” and that is clear in Quibe’s case as they only use one line throughout one piece. 

Website // Instagram


Favianna Rodriguez

Rodriguez is a queer, Afro-Latinx artist who is the light she wants to see in the world. Her visual art is rooted in bold colors of love, expression, and resilience against capitalism.

Website // Instagram

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Grae Galindo Rosa

Grae Rosa is a queer, non-binary artist highlighting the instersection of Latinx and Chicago culture through their ongoing series “Chicagotería”. Rosa’s paintings, which are emblematic of their creator’s love of the Chicago-Latinx experience, are available on Rosa’s website.They also create political posters discussing humanitarian rights of essential workers, women and intersex people.

Website // Instagram 

Whether you rent twelve pieces through us or buy one print from an individual artist, you are still supporting someone or something that inspires the world to keep on turning in these dark times of Covid-19.

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Written by:
Callie Meyer
Nov 30, 2020