Remote Learning: 5 Free Tools and Our Customizable Art Guide - Remote Learning: 5 Free Tools and Our Customizable Art Guide -
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Remote Learning: 5 Free Tools and Our Customizable Art Guide

Remote Learning: 5 Free Tools and Our Customizable Art Guide

Written by:
Callie Meyer
Jan 04, 2021

Accessing a high quality art education is harder than ever with public schools losing their funding and students highly distanced with hybrid and remote learning. IPaintMyMind is committed to the equitable access of art education and its many benefits. From middle schoolers to kindergartners, students are trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy in their education and one of the hardest classes to maintain over remote learning is art education. 

Art requires more physical interaction, and in-depth viewing. And even beyond all that, gathering suitable materials and resources for your students in the time of Covid can be difficult to do with everyone on different pages. How do you make sure each lesson is accessible and easy to participate in, no matter the kind of home situation your students may have?

Teachers and Parents already have a full plate!

Teachers and Parents are two of our heroes at IPaintMyMind as they raise, educate, and inspire students. We know that it can be hard to find the time to get extra resources as a teacher. We know parents are always looking to broaden their children’s education, but can’t always put their finger on what they need. This is why we are dedicated to providing easily accessible art education resources, supplies, and inspiration to the heroes who shape our future. 

Dedication to Education 

At IPaintMyMind, we believe in the power of art. Whether you’re an art teacher or a parent, sparking creativity in the minds of children is a critical step in expanding their education. Art education can help students develop problem solving skills, critical thinking, and imagination as the greatest minds of tomorrow

Art education also fosters community, but given social distancing from Covid-19 that can be more difficult to do, which is why the IPaintMyMind Art Guide + Curriculum is now available for purchase! In these socially distanced times, young students are missing the hands-on aspect of their studies, but IPaintMyMind has created an entire customizable art curriculum for every student to reignite their love for art!

And when it rains, it pours, so take advantage of these 5 free tools as well.

Five Free Tools For Remote Learning

Art teachers are heroes and they need all the support we can give. Whether you’re a full time remote educator or a parent looking to rekindle your child’s relationship to art, these Five Free Tools are available to you to reaffirm your commitment to art education in the time of remote learning. 

A Foreword by an Art Teacher

Enjoy these free tools to help with remote learning.

IPaintMyMind was lucky enough to have Roxy Piersanti, an Art Teacher, tell us and our readers about how she manages teaching, connecting, and supporting her kids in the time of Covid-19.

Gathering the resources you need can be overwhelming so hearing from a real person, on a real blog, made by real people, can be just the trick to relieving tension and anxiety. Relax! IPaintMyMind has the tools for you, and you aren’t alone. Connect with a network of fellow educators through IPMM.

Remind Your Students of the Physical Art Around Them

Aid in remote learning with these free tools.

It doesn’t matter where you live, there is art all around you, whether intentional or not. Remind your students, wherever they are, that right outside their window there is creative work that can bring any community together. This article has the tools you need to find your own art adventure right in your backyard.

Maybe you’ll fall down a rabbit hole to find your city’s own exceptional installations. 


Activities for a Remote Classroom

turn your photo into a great vintage collage artwork 768x570 1

Are you looking for new activities for your art students? Well this list has inspo you’ve been looking for, describing super cheap activities that you can assign to your students. They are sure to have some of the materials laying around, making this an accessible list of lesson plans if you don’t have access to many specialized materials.

Maybe start a thread in your google classroom with everyone’s chalk art or flower presses and expand that showcase into a discussion on individuality.

Lesson Plans for your Lesson Plans

Make use of these tools for remote learning.

More than just activities, these top 10 lesson plans from are sure to jetset the trajectory of your art class and spark some serious discussions. IPaintMyMind has put together our favorite 10 lesson plans from Blick that are sure to start a conversation. But feel free to wander off the trodden path as has more than just our favorite lesson plans!

The Connection between Art Teachers and Art Institutions

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Being an art teacher means having the weight of trying to justify your impact, and that can feel even more difficult to do when the other areas of study are given immediate funding and you’re left hanging out to dry by yourself. But this article is to remind our heroes that you have the backing of world-class art institutions. There would be no art institutions without art heroes, and this thread can show you all the places where you’re a priority, even if it doesn’t feel like it all the time. 

Whether you’re homeschooling, remote learning, or tackling a hybrid model, IPaintMyMind has a wealth of free resources to boost engagement and foster creativity. 

If the myriad of free art resources we have are not a sufficient addition to your hybrid or remote learning, we also just released our brand new Art Guide and Curriculum that is sure to add tons of joy, critical thinking and inspiration to your education!

The Art Guide Includes….

The IPaintMyMind Arts Education Curriculum & Resource Guide is the next innovation in arts education! As we prepared this comprehensive teaching tool designed to give eLearning, Hybrid Learning, and Homeschooling the extra boost you and your students are missing. This 88-page Plug-and-Play Visual Arts Curriculum is all about supporting you and your students through arts education framework, activities, and resources that make an impact. Beginning with the Three Phases of Arts Learning, ‘See, Think, Do’, you can introduce young people to the process of engaging, reflecting, and making through art. These three ideas are the pillars of our commitment to sparking critical thinking, problem solving, and imagination in the minds of young students. 

The Art Guide includes 20+ prompts and 18 art activities & lesson plans intended for active learning. We’ve also included a multitude of Arts Education Resources from engagement activities to articles and interviews for parents and educators. And the best part is that it was made for you in mind! You don’t have to go out and buy fancy supplies as our innovative art activities need minimal materials and inspire resourcefulness. If you’d like to see our curriculum at work click here!

Customization is Key, Especially During Remote Learning

We know how difficult it can be for working parents to find the time to engage with art and their kids simultaneously. We know every school starts at a different time and every youth group has a different schedule so we’ve made our art guide completely customizable to fit your needs. The entire curriculum can be dispensed at any pace depending on your students’ education level and can be altered depending on the frequency at which your group meets. It’s really a choose your own adventure for art education! 

We’ve taken the time and care to ensure every activity stimulates a student’s growing mind by incorporating artworks and artists into the discussion of everyday life. Given everything that’s going on, kids need art more than ever as a way to express themselves in our current climate, as a way to expand their thinking, and as a way to pave the road into the future! 

Humanity’s best innovations tend to come from the toughest times, and with the IPaintMyMind Arts Education Curriculum & Resource Guide you can give your student the tools they need to inspire a wonderful future!

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Written by:
Callie Meyer
Jan 04, 2021