5 Steps to Renting Art for Your Company - 5 Steps to Renting Art for Your Company -
5 Steps to Renting Art for Your Company

5 Steps to Renting Art for Your Company

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 27, 2020

With the modern office space trending toward aesthetically pleasing interior design, creative spaces, well-lit areas, and impact areas, smart companies look to art to enhance their surroundings. We all know that how a space is styled makes us feel a certain way, and making sure you convey your companies unique mix of personality and professionalism can be done through renting art.

Renting art for your company shouldn’t be difficult, and like any project, it’s going to need a little guidance. There are plenty of vendors who offer art rentals, but finding the right fit and getting the most value out of the expenditure is about enabling a process that looks in before looking out.

Ahead we unpack 5 steps to renting art for your company. Simple, straight-forward, and focused on finding the right solution based on your companies’ focus, ethos, and culture.

1. Place the Brand at the Center of the Process

This is where your Brand House deck should come into effect. Really distilling the inspiration for the company, the tone, the culture, and what the employees care about should be central to the art you select for your space.

Think about your pillars as a company and don’t think literally. The beautiful thing about art is that there are various inroads. You open yourself up to a lot of different options aesthetically when you think geographically, for example.

By focusing on artists from your city or town, you have a story to tell off the bat, regardless of the subject matter of the art you choose.

2. Set A Timeline

Most vendors can mobilize art rentals for you within 30 days, but by laying the groundwork in Step #1, you come to your curator with more information than a wide open approach. I suggest identifying an install date within 60 days of the 1st meeting around art rental for your office.

Allot one week for the brand work, one week for research, then reach out to 3-5 companies that offer art rentals for businesses.


3. Appoint A Small Committee

While you certainly want to include all your employees, I highly recommend appointing a 2-3 person committee to move the process along the desired timeline. By sending out a survey to all employees soliciting feedback as to what art employees would like to see, you can include them in steering the discussion while not making the process too large to get things done.

Between your brand work, employee feedback, and the guidance from the steering committee, you’re close to rotating art in your office.

4. Research Vendor Options

There are plenty of vendor options when it comes to renting art for your company, it just comes down to value, cost, service, marketing upside, and other intangibles. Simply Google ‘art rentals (insert your city name)’ and you will certainly find some good options.

Some companies cater to more fine art aesthetics, while others have more accessible art, and other still offer dynamic value paired with a charitable mission.

5. Activate It

Once you’ve made your decision and hired your vendor, rally your company together around the art in the space and the story you tell around your companies’ vision, mission, growth, and role in the community.

Host an art opening with cocktail hour and invite your clients and partners. By turning your office into a cool gathering space for your network is one of the most savvy ways of leveraging the costs of a physical location.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 27, 2020