5 Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago That Support The Arts - 5 Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago That Support The Arts -
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5 Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago That Support The Arts

5 Volunteer Opportunities in Chicago That Support The Arts

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 30, 2019

When it comes down to it, all of us want to be part of a bigger purpose. Whether the projects, companies, or communities we’re a part of, making a difference and helping other people is an innate human quality. Some employers offer cool volunteer opportunities, but you really don’t need your HR manager to organize to get out there and lend a hand.

The benefits of volunteering go way beyond the help you give. It also is such a fulfilling experience, especially when you’re able to connect with an organization whose mission really resonates with you.

As someone who cares about the arts, this punchy list a great way to hone your search and find an organization you believe in. Luckily, in Chicago, there is no lack of amazing organizations helping bring arts programming to communities all over the city, and subsequent volunteer opportunities.

Below we offer info and links to Chicago volunteer opportunities that support the arts in schools & communities:

1. Young Chicago Authors

This iconic organization led by Kevin Coval is doing great things. From taking tickets, to social media ambassador roles, and event activation duties, Young Chicago Authors love getting people involved in all their incredible open mic events. You have to check out their Louder Than A Bomb, Olympic-style tournament in which judges give poets a score from 1-10.

2. Business Volunteers for the Arts by Arts & Business Council

IPaintMyMind has worked directly with the Business Volunteers for the Arts Program with the Arts & Business Council of Chicago. They provide all kinds of awesome support to local arts organizations, which means so can you! As a professional with incredible skills and expertise, this program allows you to help with a strategic project by consulting for the organization of your choice. BVA has helped IPMM with strategic plans in the past and we can’t recommend them enough.

3. The Simple Good

Founded by Priya Shah, TSG is a really evolutionary organization that works to highlight ‘The Simple Good’ in all our lives. One person’s simple good might be making bread with their grandma while another person’s could be setting time aside to make art. By placing teaching artists in local schools, TSG, makes schools vibrant places where kids can connect with their own personal passion and joy.

4. The National Museum of Mexican Art

A Chicago treasure, this is a home-run for local culture, and we hope it is for years to come. Host to an incredible collection right in the heart of Pilsen, the museum is a must-see and provides so many programs that there are great fits for anyone looking to lend a hand. After you enjoy the museum, you can also walk Pilsen to check out the murals and grab a few tacos.

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5. IPaintMyMind

We’d be remiss without letting you know that we love accepting energetic volunteers for our huge push in September, which in 2019 will see our team install art exhibitions in at least 18 schools! Meet us at a Chicago Public School, get trained up on art installation, then help us deliver joy in the form of a FREE art exhibition for a school that might not even have an art teacher. Come into the school with us and see how much the art we hang means to the children we work with.

All these opportunities support the arts in schools as well as in our neighborhoods, and we couldn’t be more supportive of that. The benefits of volunteering right here in your own backyard could be just the spark of service and creativity that gets you making your own artwork.

Ya never know! If you’re interested in learning more, please contact us.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 30, 2019