5 Ways to Credit Artists on Social Media - 5 Ways to Credit Artists on Social Media -
5 Ways to Credit Artists on Social Media

5 Ways to Credit Artists on Social Media

Written by:
Rachel Chapman
Apr 18, 2022

The expansion of social media has made sharing art easier than ever. Now, artists from any background have the chance to have their work recognized, but with the ability to share an image thousands of times over, it’s easy for the original artist’s name to get lost in the mix. 

Sharing art on social media comes with the responsibility of giving the original artist the credit they deserve. It makes it possible for the work to be traced back to the creator, which helps artists grow their careers. Plus, recognition is a great source of encouragement for artists to continue with their passion. Crediting the artist also allows viewers of the initial post to find more amazing artwork! 

Proper credit goes beyond just tagging. It’s a way to acknowledge the artist’s hard work. Here are five simple tips for crediting an artist on any social media platform.

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Provide Information in Your Caption

In addition to tagging the artist, there’s plenty of useful information you can provide in your caption. You can give background about the specific image and its meaning, the kinds of artwork the artist makes, or information about the artist in general. You could even simply say what you like about the piece!

Writing an informative caption makes it easier for people viewing your page to learn more about the image. It also shows your interest in the work and can encourage others to find out more.

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Use Hashtags

We’re all familiar with the wall of hashtags that can often accompany a caption, but you don’t need to do this to make sure an image gets exposure. One or two hashtags can be a nice compliment to your photo credit. They can also be a helpful way to give an image extra recognition when the artist’s name is available but their social media handle isn’t.

You can use hashtags that are relevant to the artist or the photo you’re reposting. Make sure that your hashtags aren’t too vague and that they relate specifically to things like the artist’s medium or line of work.

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Add Links

Artists may use a variety of social media platforms to promote their work. Some even have their own websites with their portfolios or art for sale. Linking back to an image’s original source is essential to giving the artist proper credit.

Some platforms like Instagram don’t allow you to include active links in your captions. In this case, there are a couple of options. You can still include a link for people to copy and paste, and you may want to create a shortened version of the link using services like Bitly. You can also include active links in your story.

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Include Ways to Support the Artist

Along with linking to the original source of the art, you can include links to other platforms that the artist is active on. If they are selling their work on a different site, making it known and adding a link or mentioning what kinds of items they sell are great ways to help promote their art.

Even the simple act of encouraging viewers to check out the artist’s work and share it with others can be a very helpful form of support!

If You’re Not Sure, Ask!

Depending on how you use an image, you may need to request permission from the artist to repost it. If you are using the work for promotional purposes for example, you will need to ask the artist beforehand. Even if your reason for resharing is simply because you like the image, some artists prefer not to have their work reposted. 

Often they will indicate this in their caption or bio, but that isn’t always the case.

If you’re ever unsure about whether or not you can use an artist’s work, don’t be afraid to ask! In addition to asking for permission to post the image, you can also ask the artist how they would like to be credited. This ensures that you are respecting the artist and that your post will be appreciated.

Whether it’s a side hustle or a full-time career, gaining notoriety as an artist can be a challenge. This is why being able to share art and link it back to its source makes social media such a powerful tool. If you’re an artist looking for more ways to sell your work, consider submitting your art to IPMM!

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Written by:
Rachel Chapman
Apr 18, 2022