5 Ways to Totally Revamp Your Business' Instagram Presence - 5 Ways to Totally Revamp Your Business' Instagram Presence -
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5 Ways to Totally Revamp Your Business’ Instagram Presence

5 Ways to Totally Revamp Your Business’ Instagram Presence

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Dec 27, 2021

Like it or not, social media is a critical part of any modern business. Whether you’re a retail space, office-based business, restaurant, hotel, or real estate company, you most likely get a sizable percentage of new customers from your online presence. It’s how potential new clients first hear about you, how you gain social trust, set yourself apart from competitors, and receive testimonials through posts from happy customers talking about their experiences with you. And these days, a lot of this action comes from Instagram. 

Instagram is one of the most active social media platforms. It’s highly visual and supports interaction on many levels. It’s the perfect medium for a business to tell its story, show off its products, and foster deep community engagement. If you’re not maximizing your Instagram efforts, you may be missing out on a substantial chunk of new business and revenue. 

We know that it can feel daunting to reimagine the way that your company approaches Instagram, but these 5 tips are a great way to start. Instagram is fundamentally social, so these tips focus on how to make your Insta presence a two-way street. You want your posts to draw engagement, conversation, and ultimately, conversion! 

Without Further Ado, 5 Tips To Help You Overhaul The Way Your Business Handles Instagram

1. Engagement With Your Local Community

Your business doesn’t exist in a vacuum. You are surrounded by neighbors, schools, small businesses, local farms, nonprofit organizations, artists, musicians, and so much more. However it makes sense to reach out to your local community and get them involved in what you do, go for it! You’ll find that this process creates a natural ripple effect, drawing more local groups and neighbors into your circle and getting them interested in what you do. 

A stack of prints.

Local partnerships will generate local buzz on Instagram. Your new partners almost certainly have a substantial local Instagram following of their own which will migrate to your page as well. Feature local brands, tag local artisans, and comment on the posts of local businesses. You will attract a dedicated Shop Local community that will appreciate your efforts and reward you with Instagram engagement. 

2. Content, Content, Content

A good Instagram presence offers your follower information and content that they find truly useful, interesting, and valuable. Social trust in your business only comes from offering reputable and useful information to you customers, and by delighting them with social media content that they truly want to see. This can mean different things depending on what sort of business you run, but educational graphics, candid photos of what you sell or offer in use, features of other cool related business, or goals for the future of your business can all be great ways to offer value through Instagram content. 

By steering clear of gimmicky, overly monetized, and robotic Instagram posts you’ll retain followers, boost engagement, and encourage conversion! Like any good content strategy, your Instagram content should be genuine and organic. It should never feel like a robot is running your Instagram. Maximize personality, individuality, and value to your followers! 

3. Raffles and Give-Aways

Raffles and give-aways are another great way to foster Instagram engagement. Everyone loves getting something for free, and posts about raffles or give-aways often have way more reach than other posts you might make. For a relatively small cost and very little effort, you can boost engagement through the roof! 

A stack of IPMM shirts.

In addition, when you create a raffle or give-away you are free to set your own rules. To enter, someone might have to follow you, tag friends in the comments, or share your post on their story. This extends the reach of the post even further and garners tons of new followers and engagement. 

Once you get these new followers, keep them engaged and interested with the other 4 tips, and maybe more exciting give-aways!


4. Tell Your Story 

Don’t be afraid to lean into what makes your business unique and to tell your story via social media. If someone already follows you, they’re interested in who you are and what you offer. By posting genuine content about your origin story, values, and day-to-day, you’ll make your followers feel like they are truly a part of your process. 

Post about things that make your business special, and that differentiate you from competitors. Let them get to know the real people behind what you do. Create staff or team features, or even little videos stories about the day-to-day flow in your office or workspace. Walk your Insta followers through the story of your products, the issues that you’re trying to solve, and the future questions that you’re hoping to ask. Honesty and transparency about who you are will pay you back in interested new customers, and extra dedicated return customers! 

5. Murals Are The Most Instagrammable 

The quality of being Instagrammable is elusive. Its parameters are nebulous and shifting as trends come and go. However, we promise that murals are one highly Instagrammable feature that will stick around for a long time. 

PepsiCo Sam Kirk and Ruben Aguirre mural, in the larger offices.

They’re visually awe-inspiring, easy to pose with, and dramatic. They catch the eye and make a space totally unique. They radiate inspiration, creativity, and curiosity. Any visitors to your physical business will be wowed by a mural. They’ll be drawn to pose with it, snap detail pics, or even a panorama of the whole composition. When posting, folks will tag you, the artist, and even geo-tag the physical location of your company. Other users will see the mural via other accounts, and follow you or even visit because of the mural! 

Pat Perry mural in the Linkedin Detroit murals.

Murals increase the online visibility of your company and attract new interest. They keep your space fresh and creative. A mural will show that you’re not afraid of change, and that you’re willing to make bold choices. A Custom Mural from IPaintMyMind will also show your followers that you care about your local community and that you want to give back. All proceeds from our Custom Mural program goes right back into no-cost arts programming for Chicago Public Schools

Your brand-new sparkly mural looks great on Instagram, and it feels good too! Let everyone know that you believe in access to art education, and that you’re willing to make an investment to support it. 

Find out more about our Custom Murals here, and read a step-by-step article about the process of commissioning your own mural. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Dec 27, 2021