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How to Increase Employee Productivity

How to Increase Employee Productivity

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Sep 28, 2017

To increase productivity in the workplace, companies are finding some creative methods that would have been scoffed at in years past. Every business wants to increase productivity for their employees, and maximizing worker output can boost revenue and expand operations faster than ever.

Too many bosses however rely solely on enforcing tighter deadlines on workers to complete projects. This method seems logical, but it too often raises workers’ levels of anxiety and decreases positivity with a soul that’s invested in the humanity of its people. A company with art is more than a revenue machine, it’s an engine for societal good that inspires trust from all the people it touches.

Most companies struggle with worker satisfaction and a return on costly revenue-generating investments. When traditional methods fail, innovative thinking must include artwork for office spaces, an aesthetic enhancement whose tangible and intangible benefits are still being discovered. As customers often choose products based on a company’s ethos, an infusion of workplace art is guaranteed to add benefits to an extent beyond what any curator or office manager could imagine.

The process of and flow. Workers’ sleep patterns, focus and health can suffer and many will take more sick days. As a result, many find that tightening deadlines actually makes productivity decrease.

There is a better way. Namely, there are a handful of productive actions bosses can take that increase employee productivity and improves their health, wellness and professional satisfaction.


Workers complete projects and find the ability to increase productivity with fewer mistakes when goals are clear and narrow. Unanticipated issues always come up, especially on new projects. If a worker knows what type of output is expected, and what impact the assignment should have, they’ll be more likely to resolve problems in a way that advances the projects’ intended goal.


Every low-level worker is burdened by mundane tasks that often seem thankless, repetitive and pointless. The best bosses go to great lengths toward eliminating mindless duties so workers can devote the bulk of their time and energy to doing their actual job, which always means one can increase productivity.



Too often, bonuses are concentrated at the top of the corporate ladder. This leaves lower-level bonuses subject to market fluctuations and scrapped on off-years. Monetary bonuses incentivize junior workers be more efficient, helps them achieve personal financial goals and can decrease stress that hurts their productivity. Additionally, paid time off, lunches off campus, and coupons to come in late on a Monday for example, also foster a feeling that a company views it workers as human beings rather than cogs in a wheel.


Bosses typically prefer having all workers in the office so they can communicate in-person and attend meetings when necessary. Allowing telecommuting however allows a worker who feels ill to be productive from home and to complete a few crucial tasks instead of taking a sick day and doing no work at all.


A worker who’s confused about which of their efforts were exemplary or insufficient won’t know how best to reallocate their time and energy to increase productivity. Regular feedback lets workers know where they stand, what the firm sees as their strengths and weaknesses, and how best to increase productivity and position themselves for promotion.


Economists say companies that prioritize short-term gains often hurt their own chances at profitability and survival. The most successful companies plan for the future by making substantial investments in their people, the returns on which may not be realized for months or years. Doing things like investing in an inviting workspace and offering creature comforts can go a long way toward attracting the best talent, retaining client loyalty, and positioning a company for long term success.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Sep 28, 2017