Art for Corporate Offices: How IPaintMyMind Creates Local Impact - Art for Corporate Offices: How IPaintMyMind Creates Local Impact -
How IPaintMyMind Provides Art for Corporate Offices While Giving Back

How IPaintMyMind Provides Art for Corporate Offices While Giving Back

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 15, 2024

As an organization that provides art for corporate offices, at IPaintMyMind we are advocates for the transformative power of art, boldly believing that it’s a vital part of every educational and professional environment. As a 501(c)(3), our mission is to connect people through the power of art, making art universally accessible, promoting its potential to improve our communities and fostering creativity in every corner of society.

That’s why our Get Art, Give Back model is all about mobilizing art for corporate offices like custom murals, art rentals, corporate art events, and art consulting which then help us fund our programs & resources for teachers & schools.

Below we unpack our vision, mission, and approach, as we celebrated our 12th birthday of artful impact in February of this year! 

Whether art for corporate offices or our charitable giving options, as a nonprofit arts organization, we give corporations a cool solution for upgrading their community involvement, corporate social responsibility, and charitable giving. It’s amazing what art for corporate offices can do!

IPaintMyMind’s Vision and Mission

IPaintMyMind is driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of art and its ability to change perspectives, stimulate innovative thought, and bridge diverse communities. What’s more, we gain self-confidence & autonomy by making art and being creative. 

Our vision is one where art is accessible and inclusive in every workplace and school in America, not confined within the walls of elite galleries or privy to a selected few. 

We envisage a world where everyone has the right to connect with art, irrespective of their socio-economic status. Our mission, therefore, is simple yet powerful: to make art accessible to everyone, everywhere.

We are not merely offering art as a decorative piece or an aesthetic addition. As a purveyor of art for corporate offices, we provide art as an enabler of change, a catalyst for creativity, a tool for promoting inclusivity and diversity, and a way to be truly connected to your community. 

Whether it’s a school, a community center, or an office, we believe that art has the potential to positively transform any space, enhance people’s lives, and enrich their experiences. This belief is what fuels our passion and guides our work.

How IPaintMyMind Aids in Art Selection

Choosing art for corporate offices is not just about selecting beautiful pieces. It is about finding art that resonates with your company’s identity, values, and culture. It is about picking art that would inspire your employees, stimulate their creativity, and ultimately, boost their morale and productivity.

This is where IPaintMyMind comes in. We offer custom art consultation services for businesses, focusing on fostering a meaningful connection between the artwork and the company. We engage in a thoughtful dialogue with you, understanding your company’s ethos, objectives, and the kind of atmosphere you wish to create. 

We then use this understanding to guide you through our corporate art service options, picking the engagement that is the best fit for your company – whether art rental, custom murals, art events, or art consulting to help shape the companies approach to building a collection or enhancing their spaces.

We can also put together a multi-site plan that helps integrate art across offices in various locations as the company grows.

We also strive to demystify the often daunting process of art selection. We provide insights into different art forms, styles, and artists, ensuring that you make informed decisions. We handle the logistical aspects, like installation and maintenance, freeing you to enjoy the transformative experience that art brings.

Once you select the art or artist for you, sit back and enjoy. We manage the entire timeline of executing your project, schedule check-in meetings, and are sure to handle everything, from A to Z.

corporate art events

IPMM x One Two Pru – T-Shirt Printing Event

IPaintMyMind’s Unique Art Services for Companies, Office Spaces

At IPaintMyMind, we offer more than just art. We offer unique art programs designed specifically for offices, and all of them tie into our mission – the art in your space helps us fund, create, and deliver much needed art programs and resources for schools and teachers.

Artists get paid what they’re worth, you get great art for your office, teachers and schools get the support they need, and we turn our wheel of impact to do it all over again!

  • Art Rentals – rotating art rentals that keep your office fresh, all the time.
  • Custom Murals – bespoke designs, top-tier muralists, a full-service project including artist options, project management, and quality assurance.
  • Corporate Art / Employee Engagement Events – make art and have fun, a great way to get folks into the office for something other than a Zoom call.
  • Art Consulting – we help companies purchase art and build art acquisition plans.

Learn more about our corporate art services and schedule a call with our team once you’re ready! 

And if you don’t need art for your office but want to support a great cause, learn more about our Corporate Charitable Giving options

We hope to be the nonprofit arts organization you choose to source art from or donate to! Or both!

art for corporate offices


art for corporate offices

Success Stories of Companies Using IPaintMyMind’s Art for Corporate Offices Services

We’ve been proud to work with some of the most well-established brands in the country, truly leveraging our relationships on the ground to give our clients art for corporate offices that is a true connection with local authenticity. 

No matter where we work, we’re able to bring in local artists to execute a truly intentional art project that taps into culture, gives a sense of place, and gets you all the value you deserve.

IPaintMyMind can provide our art services in any major market in the US, Canada, or Mexico!

Adidas – we worked with the brand with the three stripes over the course of 4 years to rotate art for their retail locations, curate & execute branded art activations in-store, and promote a connection to a local cause. Experiential and cause marketing blended for full effect!

Pepsi – we worked with Pepsi on two major custom mural projects, one in Chicago and one more recently at the Frito Lay HQ in Plano, TX. In each case we worked with leadership and ERG’s to create a concept and design specifically to reflect the employees and location, while working with Sam Kirk in Chicago and Lisa Quine in Dallas / Ft. Worth.

BMO Harris – we collaborated with the Art Program Team at BMO Harris to create a custom mural with CERA Street Art, helping to truly transform their 17th Floor community space with a 4-surface mural (two walls and two large columns).

LinkedIn – via Gensler we worked with LinkedIn to curate over 1000 sq ft of murals for their Downtown Detroit facility. Over many months, IPMM curated artist options, managed the entire project, and delivered work by 3 artists on 2 floors to turn the space into a vision straight from the streets of Detroit, MI. Miss Birdy, Mike Han, and Sheefy McFly all knocked it out of the park!

Discover Financial Services – this project was so perfect in that Discover was focused on sourcing local rotating art for their new community facility in the Chatham neighborhood of the south side of Chicago, IL. We’ve curated art by local black artists into the space to reflect the community and provide a great space to entertain, host, and have fun.

Altair – one of our hallmark clients with respect to our art rental service, Altair’s space in downtown Chicago, IL has hosted rotating art from us for 6 years! We check in annually, provide options, and install new art for them.

These stories exemplify the impact that IPaintMyMind’s corporate art services can have on a company’s culture, productivity, and overall employee morale. We are proud of these partnerships and continue to strive towards making art a standard, not a luxury, in every workspace.

art in retail

IPMM x adidas

mural for corporate office

IPMM x Mike Han with Gensler for LinkedIn


As we’ve explored, art is far more than a decorative element – art for corporate offices is a powerful tool that can dramatically shape workplaces, enhance employee morale, ignite creativity, and foster a thriving culture. 

At IPaintMyMind, our passion for art and its transformative potential fuels our mission to make art accessible everywhere, and in doing so, we strive to bring about positive change in various spaces, including the workplace. Fostering a rich and diverse art environment within your office space is not just an investment in aesthetics, but a commitment to the well-being, satisfaction, and motivation of your employees. 

Engage in the enriching exploration of art with us, and together let’s envision a future where every workspace is a dynamic gallery, and every conversation is colored with the radiance of art. Remember, in the grand design of your office space, every brush stroke matters, and every art piece signifies an investment in a more vibrant, creative, and harmonious work environment.

Get Art, Give Back! IPaintMyMind!

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 15, 2024