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How An Art Rental Service Can Take Your Company From Idle to Innovative

How An Art Rental Service Can Take Your Company From Idle to Innovative

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jul 29, 2019

Workspaces have changed a lot in the last decade. Until then, offices were largely a sea of cubicles, poor lighting, and cost-cutting at every opportunity. Hardly the type of setting that inspired or energized. Interior design for offices has evolved a lot since then, moving toward open and collaborative workspaces, and spaces with better natural light, amenities and comforts. And so comes the rise of the art rental service.

It’s interesting, because long before companies started rethinking office design, there was art on the walls. Most times, the type of art you tend to see in hospitals: drab, nondescript, bland stuff, awkwardly spaced, never level, and actually counterproductive to the goal of making the space more inviting, exciting, and professional.

Some companies have purchased pieces for their spaces, later finding out that they really acquired a new job that no one wants to do: store, manage, rotate, and maintain art for the walls of the office.

We’ve spoken to companies that offered to give us the stuff they had up before just because they didn’t want to deal with it! And it’s true, once you acquire 20 or 30 framed pieces of art, at some point the tides will deem them unwanted, and you’ll have a project to tackle that has nothing to do with running your business.


So How Have Things Changed?

Custom installations like murals, have grown super popular, and are an incredible way to energize interior or exterior spaces, but the cost is higher due to scale and the commissioned nature of it. You also need sizable walls that aren’t available in many high rise buildings, corporate parks, or office spaces.

The thing is, bland walls and walls with weird non-cohesive pieces that your employees put up over the years, doesn’t scream intentionality.

An art rental service does a few things:

1. It allows you to date the art, not marry it

2. The service provider handles all storage, transportation, and installation needs

3. You get new art at the interval you choose

4. And with IPaintMyMind, your participation fuels a good cause!

Final Thoughts

The reality is that there is no better way to show your employees that you care than by making the spaces they inhabit every day more energetic, welcoming, and connected. And when working with IPaintMyMind, you know that you’re not only getting art for your space, but that you’re also helping us provide FREE art programs to underserved communities.

IPaintMyMind’s art rental service isn’t just something to put on your walls, it’s connection to your community, and an economical way to turn your office into a cool, edgy, intentional space.

You’d be putting something on that wall anyway, why not let it make a statement and support a great cause at the same time.

Interested in learning more? Contact us!

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jul 29, 2019