Buy Coffee in Chicago:  From Every Bag Funds Arts Education

Buy Coffee in Chicago: $5 From Every Bag Funds Arts Education

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Jan 15, 2021

When Zach at Good Cause Coffees reached out and invited us to be part of their big push to support great local causes with coffee sales, we were thrilled to be a part of it.

The idea is simple, every bag of coffee you buy supports a great Chicago-based nonprofit, and in January, IPaintMyMind is the featured partner!

Visit the IPaintMyMind page on Good Cause Coffees to buy coffee and support arts education.

We’re proud to announce an amazing new partnership with Good Cause Coffees, a unique company who roasts their own amazing coffee and donates a portion of the proceeds from each bag to selected nonprofits. In much the same vein as our “Get Art, Give Back!” model, Good Cause Coffees allows you to “Get Coffee, Give Back!” 



Their mission to drive consistent revenue to hardworking nonprofits is something we love and intimately appreciate. Funding is difficult for small and mid-sized nonprofits is difficult at the best of times, and during the pandemic things have become even trickier. We’re super excited to be a featured nonprofit over at Good Cause Coffee, and encourage you to check out their website

This month, buy a bag of coffee or one of their Super Coffee Packs and send $5 or $10 to IPaintMyMind. (AND you get to stay caffeinated and focused as you navigate another month of working from home!) You can choose from three blends: Happy Medium, Daily Chocolate, or Gorilla Summit, depending on your coffee preferences. Happy Medium is a classic medium roast, while Daily Chocolate is another medium roast with chocolate notes. Gorilla Summit is a bright fruity blend, for the lovers of a lighter roast out there. 


If you’re having trouble choosing, get the Super Coffee Pack instead and choose two bags of coffee, a mug, a pin, and a sticker. As a plus, each bag of coffee is packaged in sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. 

Check out their blog for a primer on making great coffee at home, as well as a guide to coffee grinders and where to buy them! And, consider making Good Cause Coffees a subscription service in your life. Their coffee is high-quality, ethically roasted, and supports nonprofits doing critical social work, all while being remarkably affordable. You can decide how frequently you want your bags delivered, depending on your coffee consumption, and ensure that your contribution to IPMM becomes as regular as your coffee habit!

Get your first bag today and support IPaintMyMind! Use our special code for 10% off of your first bag! Code: FIRSTBAG

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Jan 15, 2021