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Artist Feature: Nina Chanel Abney Link

Artist Feature: Nina Chanel Abney

Nina Chanel Abney’s bold, colorful, and graphic paintings are a sort of contemporary fusion between Cubism and Pop Art. Her flat expanses of super-pigmented color, eye-popping patterns, and super-stylized figures combine to create a highly unique style, where Abney explores issues of race, gender, and homophobia. Abney’s work is...

Nov 14, 2023
Artist Feature: Ai Wei Wei Link

Artist Feature: Ai Wei Wei

Ai Weiwei is the most famous Chinese artist alive, although his status as a dissident in his home country complicates his relationship with Chinese identity. His prolific body of sculptural, installation, video and performance pieces span several continents and dozens of mediums. His installation piece and investigations about the...

Oct 05, 2023