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Corporate Charitable Giving in the Arts: How To Find A Top Charity To Donate To

Corporate Charitable Giving in the Arts: How To Find A Top Charity To Donate To

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 22, 2024

Sometimes it can be difficult to find a top charity to donate to, especially for large corporations. Corporate charitable giving has become an integral part of many large companies’ philanthropic initiatives, with a focus on supporting various social causes. 

In recent years, the arts sector has seen a significant rise in corporate support, as businesses recognize the profound impact of culture and creativity on communities. This article explores how large corporations have made meaningful contributions to arts education and how to find a top charity to donate to that is supporting arts access. 

Strategic donations to arts-based nonprofits can make such a huge impact on so many lives, including ones like IPaintMyMind!

Additionally, we’ll provide insights into how companies can identify and support organizations aligned with their commitment to the arts and outline the ways companies can work with us to support the arts nationwide or right in their own backyard!

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Examples of Impactful Corporate Contributions

Google Arts & Culture: Google, a tech giant, has demonstrated its commitment to the arts through Google Arts & Culture. This platform allows users to explore art collections from around the world, providing virtual access to museums and cultural institutions. Google has also supported initiatives that digitize artworks, making them accessible to a global audience.

Bank of America’s “Museums on Us” Program: Bank of America has been a pioneer in supporting arts access through its “Museums on Us” program. This initiative provides Bank of America cardholders with free access to participating museums and cultural institutions across the United States during the first full weekend of every month. This not only fosters cultural engagement but also promotes access to the arts.

IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge: IBM’s Smarter Cities Challenge is a unique program that pairs IBM experts with city leaders to address various urban challenges, including those related to the arts. By leveraging technology and expertise, IBM has supported projects enhancing public art, cultural spaces, and community engagement in cities around the world.

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A Top Charity to Donate To: Finding Arts Organizations for Corporate Charitable Giving

Companies looking to support the arts can follow these steps to find organizations aligned with their giving priorities:

Define Objectives: Clearly outline the goals and focus areas of the corporate giving strategy. Whether it’s arts education, cultural preservation, or community engagement, having defined objectives will guide the selection process.

Research Organizations: Explore reputable databases and platforms that list arts organizations. Websites like GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and Americans for the Arts offer valuable insights into nonprofit organizations, including their mission, impact, and financial health.

Engage with Local Arts Councils: Collaborate with local arts councils and cultural organizations to identify grassroots initiatives that align with corporate values. Building partnerships at the community level can lead to impactful and targeted giving.

Supporting Arts Education with IPaintMyMind – A Top Charity To Donate To: For companies seeking to make a difference in arts education, supporting IPaintMyMind is a commendable choice. At IPaintMyMind we are dedicated to expanding arts education resources for K-12 art teachers throughout the United States and Canada. 

By donating, corporations can contribute to the empowerment of educators and the enrichment of students’ lives through the transformative power of art all over the country, or in a targeted manner by focusing on arts educators in their own backyard.

After we connect with a corporation looking to make a donation, we embark on a process of customizing the campaign to your needs.

I. National or Local – you have the option of supporting teachers all over the country, or sponsoring targeted support to teachers in a specific market.

II. Determine Contribution Level – IPMM has corporate sponsorship levels starting at $5,000 and customizable up through $100,000. For every $5000, 25 art teachers are provided with our Art Lesson Plan Book PDF and ongoing support from our team to truly bring art to life for their students.

III. IPaintMyMind Does Outreach – we are constantly working to connect with more art teachers everywhere, so once we have a commitment from a corporate donor/sponsor, we let teachers know that we have a bundle of support and ongoing resources that can support their work in the classroom!

IV. Storytelling – we work together to publicize the donation, get the word out, and let employees know about the incredible support of such a worthy cause.


Corporate charitable giving in the arts has the potential to create lasting positive change in communities. By spotlighting examples of impactful contributions and providing guidance on finding suitable organizations, this article aims to inspire more companies to invest in the cultural well-being of society. ‘

Supporting initiatives like IPaintMyMind ensures a direct and meaningful impact on arts education, fostering a brighter and more creative future for students across North America.

Visit the Charitable Giving page or Schedule a call with IPaintMyMind to discuss supporting arts education in your area through their art teacher resources, programs, lesson plans, and support. We’re a top charity to donate to!

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 22, 2024