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Company Culture Through Corporate Art: How to Get it Right

Company Culture Through Corporate Art: How to Get it Right

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Feb 12, 2024

Creating a vibrant and inclusive office culture is paramount, and the art you choose to display can be a significant contributor to these efforts. Artwork serves as visual language, encapsulating the essence of your organization, and it should paint a clear and compelling picture of your company’s values, goals, and all that it stands for. 

Thus, making the right art choice for your office needs a thoughtful approach and deep understanding of your company culture.

When choosing artwork, consider what kind of message you want to convey. If your organization champions innovation and creative thinking, abstract or contemporary art pieces could be an excellent choice to reflect these values. 

On the other hand, a company focused on heritage, tradition, or craftsmanship may opt for classical or artisanal works of a

However, remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to selecting art for your office. It’s vital to tailor your selection to your unique company culture, keeping in mind the diverse tastes and sensibilities of your team. 

Always strive to create an environment that fosters inclusivity, positivity, and openness, and you will find that selecting the right artwork can greatly contribute to achieving this mission.

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Engaging Employees in the Art Selection Process

One of the best ways to ensure that the art in your office resonates with your team is to involve them in the selection process. Inviting employees to be a part of this endeavor not only provides them with a sense of ownership and pride but also promotes a deeper connection to their workspace.

Organize art selection committees or surveys where employees can express their preferences and provide input. Engaging staff members in this way fosters a sense of collaboration and inclusivity, making the office environment more personalized and homely.

Taking this collaborative approach can also reinforce the message that everyone’s opinions matter, thereby cultivating a culture of respect and openness within your organization. 

Moreover, regular rotation of artwork based on employee votes or recommendations can keep the office environment fresh and stimulating.

Leveraging Local Curators To Help You

Sourcing from local artists and artwork can bring multiple benefits to your office, but it also requires some knowledge, connections, and relationships. Local curators can bring a unique flair and authentic connection to the community your company resides in by curating from great local artists, celebrating the creativity and talent within your locale. 

Building relationships with local artists and art communities can also open up opportunities for your employees to engage with the art scene, fostering a deeper appreciation for art and its role in society.

Moreover, supporting local artists and art communities sends a positive message about your company’s commitment to supporting local culture and economy. This can boost your company’s image as a community-conscious organization that values creativity and supports talent within its locality.

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Tips for Maintaining and Rotating Art Collections for Sustained Impact

Art, when presented appropriately, has the power to transform an office space into a vibrant, creative hub. The trick lies in not only choosing the right pieces but also how they’re presented and maintained. Regular rotation of art in your office can keep the environment refreshing and stimulating, fueling inspiration and innovation.

Consider collaborating with an art curator or an art handling professional to ensure the art is appropriately installed and maintained. They can also provide expert advice on the best ways to rotate and position your artwork to maximize its impact.

Remember to also provide information about the pieces and artists for your curious employees. Encourage them to explore, question, and appreciate the works of art, as their interaction and engagement with the art will be instrumental in stimulating creative thought and conversation.

Ultimately, by strategically incorporating art into your office, you’re investing not just in aesthetics, but in lifting employee morale, stimulating creativity, and creating an inspiring and enriching workspace. As a result, you’ll see that art can indeed be a secret weapon for office productivity.

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Predicted Trends in Office Art and Design

With the current trends leaning towards a more holistic approach in office design, we foresee a surge in the integration of art into the workspace. The potential of art is in creating a fulfilling and engaging workplace environment, taking into account the aesthetics as well as the emotional resonance of art.

These future designs are projected to incorporate artwork explicitly tailored to the office’s specific environment, mirroring the company’s values, heritage, and aspirations. The art of the future will be more than a mere decoration – it will serve as the embodiment of the company’s identity, its ethos on display for all to appreciate. This way, employees are not just co-existing with the art in their workspace, but are continuously inspired by the ideals and purpose their company stands for.

In fact, as per some studies, around 61% of employees claim that the artwork in their workspace stirred the creative side of their brains, leading to enhanced productivity and innovation. 

Dedicated to fostering an environment that encourages creativity, companies are set to embrace art as an essential part of their office design.

The Role of Digital and Interactive Art in Future Office Spaces

Just like every other sector adjusting to the new normal, art in the office spaces is also evolving. The future of office art and design may witness a surge in digital and interactive art. Interactive art pieces not only engage the viewer in a dynamic experience but also stimulate an active dialogue, making them a perfect fit for the workspaces of the future.

Such art installations work the best as they encourage individuals to break free from the monotonous routine of work and engage in a refreshing artistic experience. Interactive art sparks creativity, prompts out-of-the-box thinking, and stimulates both visual and tactile senses – all crucial attributes to foster a productive work environment. 

As such, we can foresee a growing trend of integrating digital and interactive art pieces into office spaces.

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Art and Culture: The Path forward

At IPaintMyMind, we strongly believe that art must play an integral role in the workspace of the future. We took the ‘works of art’ seriously and consider it as a tool for building culture.

Harnessing the transformative power of art within the office environment is not just an interior design decision—it’s a step towards creating a workspace that promotes creativity, reduces stress, and enhances overall employee satisfaction.

Seeing the appreciation for art in the workspace growing, we at IPaintMyMind, are driven to champion our mission – to put art within reach for everyone. We are confident that our collective love and appreciation of arts will transform the future, making the act of creating, viewing, and interacting with art a universal experience. 


Choosing the right art for your company culture is really all about involving your employees, curating for your company’s brand and vibe, calling on trusted curators or consultants to help you navigate the process, and being authentic so that the art feels like an extension of the company, its leadership, and its employees.

By engaging with art in the workspace, you’re not just encouraging a deeper connection to your office environment but also fostering creativity, reducing stress and ultimately boosting productivity. Art in the office is no longer a mere decor, but a potent, secret weapon for attracting and retaining the best.

The future of work is both bright and beautiful, and we at IPaintMyMind are excited to contribute and witness the revolutionary wave of art-led transformations in our workplaces by companies who understand how important culture is. 

Let’s continue to make the world a more creative place, one workspace at a time, realizing that art – and its potential to radically change our environment – is not a luxury, but indeed, a right.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Feb 12, 2024