IPMM Exclusive Interview - Corine Perier - IPMM Exclusive Interview - Corine Perier -
IPMM Exclusive Interview – Corine Perier

IPMM Exclusive Interview – Corine Perier

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 14, 2011

Corine Perier creates hybrid-beings in a classic way that makes the juxtaposition of the parts contrast even more. The animal in question, gazing right at you, almost as if to ask: how the fuck did this happen?

It’s pretty clear that this is a question Corine wants us to ask. It’s a call to action, but it’s also an homage to the Flemish masters as far as technical approach. We’re diggin’ a bit below the surface with the first of our mini-interviews, and we’re happy to kick it off with an artist who’s subject matter is metaphorical, yet direct.

Corine Perier is currently having her solo show at Galerie Montmartre at Paris in France, thru May 4th, 2011.  She’s also exhibiting at Modern Fabulist in UK, in a  show curated by Coates and Scarry at View Art Gallery. She’s talented, and has a message – we’re feelin’ it.

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EL: How long have you been painting these hybridized animals?

CP: I’ve always appreciated animals in stories and paintings. They have been used since the beginning of times. to portray human behaviours. Since I was child I collect animals’ portraits, books of fairy tales with amazing illustrations, animal figurines…  I had felt this need to express my feelings through images of animals and in a slow process, animals became my critters to as I imagined they were in their own lives.


EL: What is it about the Flemish masters “technique” that you emulate or are influenced by? are you speaking about the technicality of painting, or the subject matter?

CP: I love Old Masters and find inspiration in their works (like Bosh to name the most famous) and in my painting process I use the technique of glazing with diluted oil paint and varnish in thin layers and glosses on gessoed wood panels to get a smooth and shine result like their paintings were.

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EL: What question are you putting forward by creating these odd creatures?

CP: I explore the theme of wildlife mutation to soliciting our sensitivity about the disappearance of species and the necessity of adaptability. My paintings speak about creation and extinction. It’s my own vision of life in a world in mutation that I could wish more dreamy.

EL: What made you decide to dedicate yourself entirely to painting in 2006?

CP: Starting to be a painting restorer allowed me to know many secrets of paintings, and I had in hands precious and old paintings, that was very exciting.

After ten years it was natural, rich in this experience, that I wanted to create my own paintings and I felt it was time for me to express my feelings and creating my own world.

EL: Name one artist IPMM readers should check out.

CP: Sure, I invite you to check out the artwork of a French surrealist painter, my friend Agnès Boulloche …

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 14, 2011