Art Auction Corporate Event: ZS Cares Supports One Of The Top Nonprofits in Chicago - Art Auction Corporate Event: ZS Cares Supports One Of The Top Nonprofits in Chicago -
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Art Auction Corporate Event: ZS Cares Supports One Of The Top Nonprofits in Chicago

Art Auction Corporate Event: ZS Cares Supports One Of The Top Nonprofits in Chicago

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Aug 12, 2023

Looking for corporate event ideas? If so, you’re going to love this.

Over the last few years, IPaintMyMind has had the distinct pleasure of working with ZS Cares via their Evanston, IL office to support art programs in Chicago and nationwide. A campaign that is nationwide with 3 offices participating in 2023 also saw the Evanston office rally around their art auction, which invites employees to make art which is then auctioned in support of IPaintMyMind.

The ZS Cares Team in Evanston really has taken the lead, and this now annual event has helped raise tens of thousands of dollars for resources for art teachers through this corporate event, at once giving back and mobilizing employee engagement activities to do good right in their backyard.

Art Auction = Top Notch Corporate Event

The best part of our work with ZS is that their employees make most of the art that is auctioned at the event! It has always been so cool to see their employees get excited about what their colleagues made. From paintings, to plush, to stickers, and even jewelry, the creativity really shines through every single time.

ZS Cares in Evanston is led by Megan Shattuck, Audrey Dunn, Laura Barrios, and Sophia Kastantas Rowe, and they’re truly the best partners ever. They even created a playbook to help other offices engage, meaning IPaintMyMind is able to replicate these efforts for other corporate events, charitable giving, corporate charitable giving, and employee engagement events.

At the end of the day, it’s all about giving. back and connecting with coworkers outside of the scope of our jobs. And when it comes to Chicago team building activities, we haven’t seen better!

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How The Art Auction Works

1. Employees create art! Can be anything.

2. The leadership team schedules an event that is hosted at company offices with food, drinks, and decorations. ZS Cares has opted to host with guest bartenders who are happily making their favorite cocktails on site for the event.

3. Art is displayed and then the auction begins! Numbered paddles make it easy and team members catalogue who won what and what the price was.

4. After a bunch of hootin’ and hollerin’, totals are tallied and winners pick up their items!

5. Then we post content like this, helping spread the word about the good work your company has done in supporting an incredible local and creative cause!

Feel free to reach out to us to discuss how your company can support art programs in underserved schools by hosting a similar type of corporate charitable giving event!

ZS Cares Art Auction corporate event with IPaintMyMind featuring Brian Flannery, IPMM Board Member

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Proud To Be One Of The Top Nonprofits in Chicago

At IPaintMyMind, our mission is to connect people through the power of art. We’re proud to be on of the top nonprofit organizations in Chicago, having been acknowledged as a Top Rated Nonprofit on Great Nonprofits 6 years in a row!

If you’re looking to host an employee engagement activity, corporate event, or corporate charitable giving campaign – schedule a meeting with our team today to learn more!



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give back to a creative cause

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Aug 12, 2023