Why Hire an Art Consultant? - Why Hire an Art Consultant? -
Why Hire an Art Consultant?

Why Hire an Art Consultant?

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Dec 18, 2017

Whether you’re dealing art for your home, curating your workplace, or revamping your company’s brand, hiring an art consultant is the best way to assure a hefty investment doesn’t fail to deliver returns. Even if you have an eye for art and love exploring new styles, it’s probably not what you do for a living. 

Art consultants are uniquely trained to curate a space, choosing art that fits seamlessly and enhances the over-all effect. They are keyed into all of the formal details that you might miss, and they can synthesize all of the things you want out of your art-buying experience to deliver you the perfect end product.

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What Does An Art Consultant Do?

An art consultant can help you decide the perfect piece or set of pieces for your home or office. The placement of a piece, near or away from windows, the correct height on a wall, and interplay within the space, are complicated issues aided by a learned eye. Some art consultants will take you to a museum to discuss ideas of how pieces fit into spaces.

If your company decides to curate office spaces with multiple art pieces, art consulting can help guide the search and curation of the perfect set of pieces that reflect the company’s personality and ethos.

When it’s time to make serious branding decisions, bringing an artist into a meeting can unleash ideas that inspire a room to imagine new facets of their brand’s essence. An art consultant helps everyone experiment with the unexpected, encourage a tolerance of imperfect, take risks, and develop a practice of creativity.

Art consultants can also handle pesky logistics inherent to art trading. They will know how to secure the proper insurance for your collection, manage repairs and restorations, advise on differences in sales tax when shipping over state lines, and how to steward a collection through time. They deal with the nitty-gritty stuff that you don’t want to, making the art buying experience stress-free and fun. Their expertise can put your mind at ease, so you know that something won’t fall through the cracks. 


When Do You Know You Need An Art Consultant?

Many dynamic organizations are turning to artists when their brand needs an overhaul. When every marketing analyst is searching the same data and arriving at the same conclusions, no competitive advantage can be captured.  That’s why many turn to outsiders who are thinking outside the profit margin to identify blind spots and ideas to fill them.

Art can take your company to new places: increasing innovation, productivity, and brand unity. And an art consultant is the perfect person to get you there.

You need an art consultant if you have been feeling stuck, unsure where and how to grow your company, and directionless. You need an art consultant if your company wants to live your values, but you’re not sure how. You need an art consultant if your social media presence and branding efforts have stalled out, and you’re looking for something to get them started again.

When hiring an art consultant, make sure to establish a written statement that states an hourly rate or retainer, expectations of service, and how long the payment extends. Have them sit in on meetings to get a sense for the organization’s personality and needs before they start searching for art. Chat with them one-on-one, so they really get to know you and your needs.

Finally, allow them to lead you “outside the box” and beyond.

Art consultants are a unique and underutilized resource in a landscape afflicted by groupthink and tight corporate budgets. It may just be the thing that gets your company’s creativity (and earnings sheet) to the next level.

Learn more about IPaintMyMind’s art consulting services, and contact us today. Not only will we work with you to make your space look its best, but you’ll be giving back, sustaining our unique programming which brings art education to Chicago Public Schools.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Dec 18, 2017
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