How to Choose A Killer Conference Room Theme - How to Choose A Killer Conference Room Theme -
How to Choose A Killer Conference Room Theme

How to Choose A Killer Conference Room Theme

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Dec 04, 2017

The most dynamic companies out there are giving their conference rooms names and themes that reflect the essence of their brand. BuzzFeed styles their conference room names after millennial acronyms like LOL, OMG, and WTF; Facebook has a set of rooms named after Star Wars characters crossed with beverages, like Darth Jager and Jar Jar Drinks. Etsy has a set named after mashups of musicians and food, like Fleetwood Mac ‘n’ Cheese and Oreo Speedwagon. Other names out there are The IT WarRoom, The Batcave, and The Bromance Chamber.

A great conference room name with a corresponding decor can boost office morale, and bring a surprise blast of levity to an otherwise bland office visit.  It’s a great way restate or revamp the personality of the company’s brand. Also, it helps everyone remember where the meeting is. Room numbers are easy to forget; It’s much harder to forget “Wu Tang Clams.”

A bad board room is the worst, the cream walls, the dead grey floors, the austerity literally sucks the life and humanity out of everyone present.

If you have the choice to name and decorate you conference room, you should. There’s a good way and a bad way to do it. The bad way is having it decreed from on high. The good way is taking these steps below to naming a killer conference room.


Identify your company’s personality

Is your product sleek and modern like Apple? Is it aspirational like Pinterest? Is it exclusive like Maserati? The Internet has exercises to help identify your brand’s personality. Once you have a few key descriptors like “bold,” “smart,” or “cosmopolitan,” expand them into full conference theme ideas.

Make it an Office-Wide Contest

Nothing gets employees hyped about work like competition. Unleash your office’s creativity by offering a grand prize for the department that picks the winning conference room theme. You will be blown away at the ridiculous, hysterical, and creative submission you get.

Let Employees Decorate

This will give workers a sense of pride in their surroundings and help them feel the company values their ideas and contributions. Pro Tip: Have your IT team design an awesome screen saver that catches the eye and nails the theme.

Hire An Art Consultant

Paying a professional to give your meeting room a makeover is no longer a budget-buster. A curator who specializes in office spaces can help steer the project toward sleek, stylish theme decor and away from bizarre or bland ideas that can offput visitors and residents.  

We’ve all been in offices devoid of personality. They are tough places to work.. Don’t let that happen to your company. Spice it up and reward your employees with a killer conference room theme.

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Dec 04, 2017
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