How To Commission A Mural For Your Office - How To Commission A Mural For Your Office -
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How To Commission A Mural For Your Office

How To Commission A Mural For Your Office

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Aug 12, 2019

With office space design moving to new levels, it’s incumbent upon any business to make a bold statement in its facilities and workplaces. From green walls, to rotating art, to lounges and cold brew, the coolest offices have Instagrammable design elements including interior and exterior murals. If you have been wanting to commission a mural, but don’t know where to start, there are some cool companies working with incredible artists to bring creative office space aesthetics to life. 

There are a few basic steps to commission a mural for your office, and you’ll want to keep a few things in mind, but making sure whomever you work with can serve as project manager & curator is going to make it a lot easier on everyone. At IPaintMyMind, we love being able to serve our clients and take care of artists’ needs in a way that makes the project seamless for everyone while producing a rad result.

Palette, Space, Aesthetic

These are a few things you’ll want to give your curator some info on so they can help guide you in the right direction. Most brand guides will connote a certain color palette, so that’s a great place to start. 

The fact that you are even thinking about how to commission a mural must be because you have that one wall in your office that is calling out for it! Take a few photos that you can provide the curator as well as measurements (height and width of the wall).

You’ll also want to give some guidance on what your company tends to like when it comes to design, as well as to what degree you are comfortable with surrendering to the creative process and letting the artists do their thing. Either way is more than fine, but being able to give some descriptive words that will help hone in on the vibe will go a long way. 

Getting Paired With An Artist

There are so many talented and gracious artists out there making commissioned murals in every style imaginable. Once you give us more insight into what you’re thinking, we’ll curate 3-5 artist options for you to choose from. That proposal also includes pricing for each artist, a project timeline, and information regarding logistics and implementation.


Designs & Mock Ups

This is where the fun happens. After discussing the aesthetic and theme of the mural as well as the degree to which the artist is free to run with it conceptually, your curator serves as the intermediary between yourself and the artist to present design options and mockups of the art in the space identified for the project.

Once everything is approved, project implementation dates are finalized and the mural is on its way!

Project Implementation

Most murals take a few days to complete. From priming the walls, to sketching, to layering colors, most larger murals will take 3-5 days. Exterior murals present other limitations like weather and sunshine, but regardless of where your mural is happening, you’ll want to ensure proper ventilation and protection of the project area.

At IPaintMyMind, we love handling every aspect of commissioned mural projects for our clients. Making it so that you only have to select an artist and approve the design means we take care of everything from communication to curation to logistics and delivery.

And if giving back to your community is attractive to you, we also ensure that each mural we work on also provides a FREE art exhibition to a local school, park, library, or youth center.

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the benefits of workspace wall murals

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Aug 12, 2019