How to Elevate Your Hospitality & Brand Studios Through Custom Art Vendors in Major US Markets - How to Elevate Your Hospitality & Brand Studios Through Custom Art Vendors in Major US Markets -
How to Elevate Your Hospitality & Brand Studios Through Custom Art Vendors in Major US Markets

How to Elevate Your Hospitality & Brand Studios Through Custom Art Vendors in Major US Markets

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jun 26, 2023

Hospitality and brand studios are increasingly recognizing the importance of custom art in their clients’ spaces. From hotels to corporate offices, incorporating artwork can help create a unique atmosphere that reflects the brand’s values and personality. And in 2023, an office with great art is a top reason for employees to leave their dining room table desk to go back into the office.

In this blog post, we will explore how hospitality & brand studios can elevate their aesthetic through the use of custom art vendors in major US markets for projects like art rentals, custom murals, large commissions, or purchasing artwork for your corporate art collection. 

We will look at the benefits of using art consultant services, understand the art vendor landscape in major American cities, and discuss how to onboard and utilize these services to improve branding efforts. By embracing custom artwork from local vendors, businesses can create a memorable experience for employees and guests while also amplifying their own message, tying into DEI goals, and giving back to worthy local causes.

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Exploring the Benefits of Incorporating Custom Art Vendors in Hospitality & Brand Studios

In the hospitality and brand studio industry, custom art vendors are businesses that provide custom artwork to their clients. These vendors can be found in a variety of different markets, including major US cities. Custom artwork can include paintings, photography, sculptures, digital art, murals, and more. It is important for any business looking to incorporate custom art into its studio space to understand the definitions and background information associated with this type of vendor.

And with IPaintMyMind, you get way more than just art, you also support schools in your area. Looking for a great win-win like this when selecting a vendor can be one of the most important factors in driving value across every aspect of the project.

We specialize in producing one-of-a-kind pieces that match the style and aesthetic of the company or individual commissioning them, and provide insight into local culture by utilizing local artists when creating pieces for their clients. This gives businesses an opportunity to bring a unique flavor to their studios while still being mindful of cultural sensitivities surrounding artwork created specifically for a given market.

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Art As A Selling Point for Clients

Custom art services play an essential role in creating an atmosphere that encourages client engagement within hospitality & brand studios. Not only do art rentals and custom murals act as conversation starters between employees and visitors, but they also create a sense of familiarity that customers associate with the brand or company they are visiting – which is especially important if there are multiple locations across various markets in which customers may visit at different times throughout the year or even over long distances (such as international travelers).

Hotels and big blue chip brands need to evoke the place in which they’re located – art is one sure-fire way to establish that sense of a unique location, community, and vibe

In addition to providing visual interest to spaces where people gather, custom art vendors offer interior designers who work with hotels and big brands the ‘wow factor’ that drums up increased customer & employee loyalty due to recognition among current and potential customers; lower marketing costs due to less need for traditional advertising methods; and higher ROI on investments related specifically related to corporate build outs since they tend be more memorable than generic imagery typically used in marketing campaigns.

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Understanding the Art Vendor Landscape in Major US Markets

When selecting an art vendor, it’s important to consider the major US markets they serve. While many vendors offer services nationwide, there are certain regions with a more diverse selection of providers and unique offerings. The following is a brief overview of some of the most popular metropolitan areas for custom art vendors:

New York City: New York City is home to some of the most prestigious galleries and art institutions in the world. From emerging artists to established talent, this city has something for everyone—making it an ideal spot for any hospitality or branding studio looking to source custom visuals from top-tier talent.

Chicago: Chicago has a thriving creative community that produces incredible works ranging from traditional oil paintings to digital pieces. With its vast array of galleries, museums, and cultural centers, this city provides access to an expansive pool of talented artists who specialize in creating custom visuals for branding studios.

Los Angeles: Los Angeles offers an eclectic mix of styles and mediums that can accommodate any brand’s needs when it comes to sourcing custom artwork. From street art murals to large-scale installations by renowned artists, LA is sure to have something that will elevate any hospitality or brand studio’s aesthetic vision.

IPaintMyMind focuses on diverse artists in those markets, and is able to provide options for any curatorial focus. 

Click on Art Consulting under What We Do to learn more about our services.

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Artistic Diversity Of Vendors

When sourcing artwork from vendors in major US markets, it’s essential to consider their artistic diversity as well as their geographic location. As each region is known for having distinct styles and tastes when it comes to visual arts production, understanding these nuances can help ensure your project finds the perfect fit within your desired market(s). 

For example, if you wanted artwork created specifically for a high-end luxury hotel chain located in NYC then you would likely want a vendor who specializes in producing sophisticated visuals tailored towards that demographic—not just generic “abstract” images found online or elsewhere which may not be suitable for your particular project requirements.

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Pricing & Payment Structures

It’s also important when selecting an art vendor from one of these major markets that you understand their pricing structures and payment options so you don’t get caught off guard later on during the course of your business relationship—especially if cost overruns are expected due unforeseen complexities with each individual project (i..e., size restrictions/requirements). 

Depending on what type of custom art services you need, there will likely be varying costs associated with each stage so make sure all parties involved are aware up front before committing anything officially in writing or otherwise verbally agreed upon between both parties involved (the client & artist/vendor). 

You’ll often pay a curatorial or consulting fee, in addition to the art itself.

At IPaintMyMind, we provide a custom proposal for each of our designers’ client projects, as well as a pricing list for additional fees that could come up in the process of giving professional artists guidance in creating a commissioned mural. As mentioned, this helps avoid any sticking points that could keep the project from being completed.

Additionally, depending on how large/complex your project is estimated timeframes should also be discussed prior so everything runs smoothy & efficiently throughout completion period! Changing timelines can often add cost to the process, as professional artists who garner these types of projects are scheduled out months in advance, and can’t just come in a few weeks.

bmo mural cera 66Utilizing Art Vendor Services to Elevate Your Brand Studio

Onboarding art vendors into a brand studio can be a daunting endeavor, but it’s important to remember that the effort is worth it in the end. When selecting an art vendor, it’s essential to research their credentials and portfolio of work to ensure they are capable of delivering on expectations and meeting deadlines. 

Additionally, consider any existing relationships you have with other vendors or industry contacts that may be able to provide helpful recommendations for vetted art vendors in your market. Once you’ve identified a promising candidate for your project, document all agreements related to payment plans and timelines in writing so everyone involved understands what is expected of them. At IPMM, we provide all that so the designers we work with can feel cozy in bringing the project to life for their clients.

The potential benefits of incorporating custom artwork into brand studios are numerous – from creating an inviting atmosphere that appeals to customers, to providing unique visual assets tailored specifically for your marketing campaigns or product launches. Utilizing custom art, art rentals, or commissioning large paintings also allows brands to express their message through creative designs while avoiding any legal issues associated with using stock imagery or copyrighted works without permission. 

Additionally, artwork for office walls can increase engagement on social media platforms by providing fresh content regularly which encourages followership growth as well as increased organic reach over time due to greater visibility overall.

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5 Key Points To Consider

  1. Insurance – you’ll need your art vendor to be insured for every aspect of the process.
  2. Copyright & Usage – You’ll want to clarify what the pricing offered allows as far as the use of the art for purposes other than the mural.
  3. Quality Standards – When engaging with an art vendor there are always inherent risks associated with the process; such as ensuring the delivery meets quality standards or whether the timeline will be met according to expectations set forth at the start of the project agreement between both parties involved
  4. Artistic Process – Lean on your art vendor to guide the creative process and artistic expression must also be taken into consideration when working with external artists.
  5. Keep Approval Group Small – too many cooks in the kitchen can make for a fraught design approval process, be sure to clearly establish who is involved on the client side – adding reviewers, approval levels, or additional stakeholders after the process has begun is a massive NO-NO.

The ability to leverage custom art vendors in hospitality and brand studios is a great way to elevate your design studio and brand. Custom art vendors can be vital partners in create unique and memorable experiences for guests and customers alike. By understanding the art vendor landscape in major US markets, businesses can take advantage of artistic diversity, pricing structures and payment options that are available to them. 

With an effective onboarding process, businesses can quickly start leveraging custom art services in their brand studio with minimal risk or effort.

As we have seen, incorporating custom art vendors into your hospitality or brand studio can be extremely beneficial. Not only does it add value to your business by creating unique experiences for guests and customers but it also allows you to stand out from other interior design competitors. 

Now is the time to explore how you can use these services to elevate your own brand studio – don’t wait any longer!

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jun 26, 2023