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IPaintMyMind Hiring Artists Working in Prints, Illustration, and Graphic Design to Create Video Workshops for Schools

IPaintMyMind Hiring Artists Working in Prints, Illustration, and Graphic Design to Create Video Workshops for Schools

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Feb 17, 2021

IPaintMyMind has always been committed to providing accessible and well-crafted resources to art teachers. Of course, the ways in which we do that have changed drastically in the past year. With Covid-19 fundamentally altering the nature of education, we’ve been adapting our resources to fit new needs. 

One of our newest and most exciting projects is a virtual artist workshop that we recorded with Shawnimals. It takes one of our very favorite moments of our arts programming (Artist Workshops) and makes it available for e-learning. Educators can download the 4-part video series and show it to their class, working through partner activities and prompts included in an accompanying PDF. 

By pre-recording and editing the video, and allowing our teachers to dispense it at any rate that they see fit, we can also expand our Workshops and make them more customizable. The IPMM x Shawnimals Virtual Character Design Workshop is actually 4x longer than any workshop we’ve been able to do in person, and the feedback has been amazing! Teachers love the in-depth and specific instruction, and the ability to connect their classrooms to working artists. 

We were so inspired and activated by our experience collaborating with Shawnimals that we’ve decided to expand and record more virtual workshops! 

As such, we’re looking to hire artists working in prints, illustration, and graphic design to create video workshops for students. This is a paying position, and pay is negotiable depending on the scope of your project with us. 

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What Artists Workshops Mean To Students 

Artist Workshops are a powerful tool for arts education, and we believe that they make art more accessible to students. Students can connect with working artists and get a glimpse of their process, daily workload, and sources of inspiration. There’s less distance between them and the production of art, and they can see themselves working next to and even collaborating with real artists. 

When art education focuses on “famous” artists, they’re often long-dead, white, and male. All of these facts are incredibly alienating to students. Through our workshops we aim to foster engagement, possibility, and a sense that art is never far from reach. 

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Video Project and Artist Workshop Options 

Artist Process Video 

The first option available as a video project or workshop with IPMM is an Artist Process Video. We’ve recorded a few of these with some of our Partner Artists already and love the intimate, but accessible format. This video would be an approximately 15 minute long look at your studio, your process, and what you are currently working on. Think of it as a virtual studio visit! Students love the opportunity to see inside of an artist’s workspace and get an idea of how their workday flows and what the development of creative ideas looks like for different artists. 

 The 4-Part Workshop Option 

The second option for a paid video resource project is a 4-part virtual workshop in the same format as our Shawnimals Character Design Workshop. We’ll work with you to develop an arc for the workshop and corresponding lesson plans and activities. Next, we’ll develop an outline and then record the workshop, edit everything, and release your very own robust and value-filled virtual workshop to teachers all over Chicago!

Take a look at this article written about the IPMM x Shawnimals Character Design Workshop to get an idea of what the 4-Part Workshop option entails. 

Interested? Reach Out! 

We’re also open to your ideas about the kind of workshop/video project that you’d like to work on, so free to reach out with ideas beyond these options.

We love being able to pay artists fairly for their art and their labor, and are excited to be able to offer this opportunity to our artist community. After you reach out to us, we can discuss rates and a schedule for your project. 

If you are an artist working in prints, illustration, or graphic design, and are interested in working on an Artist Workshop with IPMM, please reach out to us via this form

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Feb 17, 2021

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