IPaintMyMind Mandala Logo by Iain Macarthur: Project Report + Interview - IPaintMyMind Mandala Logo by Iain Macarthur: Project Report + Interview -
IPaintMyMind Mandala Logo by Iain Macarthur: Project Report + Interview

IPaintMyMind Mandala Logo by Iain Macarthur: Project Report + Interview

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 13, 2012

Over the last month or so, IPMM has been working with the incredibly talented London-based illustrator, Iain Macarthur.  His work was previously featured on IPaintMyMind, and he’s been getting attention from other outlets too – and it’s clearly well-deserved. Iain’s intricate detail and precision approach yields some of the most incredible images we’ve ever seen.  When we were ready to move on from “the brain image” to establish our own original logo, it seemed like a no-brainer to commission the project with Iain. We’re so excited about the finished product, the IPaintMyMind mandala logo.

We went back and forth honing the design, but the reason the IPaintMyMind mandala logo and text look great is because of Iain’s skill, patience, and dedication. Ahead we ask Iain Macarthur a bit about his work and development as a young and emerging artist with a bright future and an impressive portfolio. The kid has gobbs of skill to spare, and we’re honored to have his imprint on our nonprofit media project. Here’s our Mini-Interview with the man behind the new IPaintMyMind Mandala Logo.

IPMM: Iain, first off dude, we’re so excited about the new IPaintMyMind mandala logo and type you’ve created for us, thanks again!!

IM: No problems dude!

IPMM: When we featured your work a while back, we led with the image of the strikingly beautiful woman with what we’ve come to call the organic-cyborg-half-face. What pieces have garnered the biggest response from folks?

IM: Glad to hear it caught your eye… I like to think its more of an elegant floral piece then a mechanical cyborg portrait. The owl design which I’ve done over completely in patterns, got the most responses from people, it also got used as a front cover for the digital artist magazine a while back, which I was pretty happy about. I did that and several other animal pattern pieces as a little personal project for myself, & didn’t realise that all the designs would be such a popular thing. I just wanted to experiment with different types of shapes and patterns…


IPMM: You worked for Be Street as well, right? Can you tell us about them and your role there?

IM: Yes, I do some commissions for Be-Street and I enjoy every design I do for them. Be-Street are the most fun to work with as they like the same things as I do, and the projects they give me to work on aren’t frustrating to do. They first discovered my work years ago on Myspace and it pretty much kicked off from there 🙂

IPMM: What’s a regular day for Iain look like?

IM: A regular day for me would be drawing and drinking tea all day. Not that exciting really…

IPMM: Sounds fucking brilliant to us! We’ve also heard you mention being inspired by cartoons as a kid, and I think on some level, we all relate  to the wonder of seeing such vivid images and colors in cartoons and comics. Have you ever thought about doing a graphic novel or imagined your art animated? (We think if your art moved we might flip our shit).

IM: It would be a interesting thing to get into but at the moment i’d like to stick to doing clothing designs and poster prints. Don’t think I’ll be great at making my own comic novel as it’ll be trippy as fuck and it wouldn’t make any sense what so ever…

Though one day I will.

IPMM: Lol, awesome. Plans for 2012?

IM: To do as much work as I can and draw as much new stuff that comes into my head. Also trying to make some prints and t-shirts to sell for myself, so keep you eyes out for that very soon!

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Jan 13, 2012
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