Office Envy: The Best Office Spaces of 2022 - Office Envy: The Best Office Spaces of 2022 -
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Office Envy: The Best Office Spaces of 2022

Office Envy: The Best Office Spaces of 2022

Written by:
Rachel Chapman
May 30, 2022

Most of us typically don’t think of offices as the height of art and design. Just googling “office” brings up dozens of photos of stereotypical empty cubicles, but do these pictures truly represent reality?

It’s becoming increasingly evident that our work environment impacts our mood, productivity, and even health. As a result, more companies are making it a priority to create innovative spaces that reflect the office culture. Office design can be creative, fun, and engaging, and these next offices take it to the extreme.

Gucci ArtLab, Scandicci, Italy


Gucci’s ArtLab in Florence lives up to its name with its colorful, unique, and experimental approach to office design. Employing over 950 people, the building is used for a variety of activities, namely designing, prototyping, and sampling shoes and other leather goods. 

The dazzling murals covering the outside of the ArtLab feature work by Unskilled Worker, Jayde Fish, Ignasi Monreal, Phannapast, Angelica Hicks, Trouble Andrew and Coco Capitán, reflecting the brand’s desire to create a work environment that’s both creative and collaborative. 

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Putting multiple stages of production and testing into one designated building makes Gucci unique in its approach. This decision allows for better sharing of skills and experiences across different areas of expertise.

Indeed Offices, Tokyo, Japan

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Having calm surroundings is essential for those working a 9-to-5 in the middle of a bustling city. Using traditional and organic elements in a new, refreshing way, Indeed’s Tokyo office is a soothing yet modern space that would make any employee feel welcome.

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This marvel of office design utilizes a natural yet simple color palette and curving lines to achieve a sleek, calming effect. One of the most notable features of the office is its abundant plant life as well as the use of cedar and cypress, all of which contribute to the natural motif. The space also incorporates aspects of Japanese culture such as paper lighting and murals inspired by traditional art.


Google, Zurich, Switzerland

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Google’s offices are known for their extravagance, and their Switzerland location is no exception. With exciting rooms and convenient amenities, this work of office art allows employees to be productive and comfortable while having fun.

The four-story building contains numerous themed rooms like a James Bond room with a hidden door and a jungle lounge filled with 100 different kinds of plants. The jungle lounge also has individual egg-shaped domes where employees can take a break, relax, or make a call. You can even take a slide or a fire pole to make your trip downstairs more entertaining. Google’s Zurich office additionally provides free food and massages, all in the effort to make employees feel as comfortable as possible in their workplace.

Etsy Offices, New York City

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As a company with a reputation for promoting handmade goods, it’s only natural that Etsy would be crafty with its office spaces. Their office in Brooklyn embraces both creativity and sustainability.

Etsy has managed to make their office into a self-sustaining habitat. The building is flourishing with greenery that’s watered using a special rainwater irrigation system. The company has also taken efforts to use nontoxic paint, solar power, and reclaimed wood.

Office art is a key feature of the building as well, much of which comes from local artists and Etsy sellers. Not only do the offices contain plenty of artwork, but they also encourage artmaking among their employees, with features like a 3D printing lab and a screenprinting studio!

Tom Stringer Design Partners, Chicago

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You might not have to travel to other countries or even other cities to find incredible office design. In fact, one of the best office spaces is located right here in Chicago. Tom Stringer Design Partners’ opulent yet residential design allows employees to feel at home in their offices.

The office features an ever-changing collection of art available to clients. The library, which also serves as a conference room, is decorated with a wall of artwork. At lunch, employees gather in the dining room. The homey design of the building both creates a sense of comfortability and community among employees and displays their craft to visitors and potential clients.

As thrilling as it might be, an office doesn’t need to have slides or exotic plants to be a great workplace. The best office spaces are those that capture the character of the organization and value the well-being of their employees. One of the simplest ways to enhance any space is through the power of art! 

Murals are a great way to make a statement, but incorporating smaller pieces can also help promote creativity in the workplace. If you’re unsure of where to start, you may want to consider renting art or taking advantage of IPMM’s art consulting services to find out what’s right for you!

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Written by:
Rachel Chapman
May 30, 2022