Office Managers: How To Fold Art Into Your Corporate Office Move Plans - Office Managers: How To Fold Art Into Your Corporate Office Move Plans -
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Office Managers: How To Fold Art Into Your Corporate Office Move Plans

Office Managers: How To Fold Art Into Your Corporate Office Move Plans

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 17, 2021

You’re moving office spaces! This may seem like a stressful time, full of moving parts and endless logistics to be ironed out. However, it can also be a really great time for any company to realign, reassess, and reprioritize. After all, how many chances do you get to start fresh? 

Think of your new office space as a blank canvas. What do you want to say about who your company is and what your values are? How do you want to change the workplace experience and culture for your employees? 

An office is more than the physical space where work happens, it’s the embodiment of who you are as a company and what you hope to achieve. It sets the tone for your team and the work that they produce. Too often, offices and workplaces stagnate. They seem outdated, boring, and impersonal. When you move offices, you have the chance to totally update!

Art is a super important part of any workspace. It increases employee productivity, elevates mood, and inspires creative problem solving. It’s also a great way to make employees feel appreciated, welcome, and excited to come to work each day. If your workspace is full of art and creativity, you’ll show your employees that you care, and just maybe, boost productivity and output along the way!

Planning For An Office Move

In all likelihood, a lot of what you bring to your new workspace will be the same as your old one. Although a total makeover sounds appealing, buying all new office furniture is a steep expense that most companies can’t afford at the same time as an already expensive move. 

However, you can work with the same furniture to create a whole new look and feel for your new space. Consider the layout of your new office and use your imagination to come up with new formations and floorplans. How can you make your office feel larger and more open? How can you prioritize airflow, maximize natural light, and create fun and workable communal spaces? It’s all about thinking outside of the box. 

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And although you maybe couldn’t splurge on a whole new set of desks or shelves, perhaps there’s a few really useful or practical items of new furniture that you could purchase to enhance the space. Maybe a new conference table, or more comfortable and ergonomic desk chairs. Maybe a few standing desks that your team can rotate or share. 

It’s also a great idea to consider low-cost items such as plants or lighting accessories that can transform a space. Adding these accent pieces helps to amplify the effect of a new and refreshed office space, even if most of the furniture is the same. 

Why You Should Consider Adding Art To Your New Workspace

When moving offices, you have the perfect opportunity to meaningfully add art into your workspace. Whether through a mural, framed prints, sculptures, paintings, or a combo of all of these options, you have the chance to reboot the workspace to focus on creativity. For all the reasons already mentioned, art is a great addition when it comes to the quality of work and the workplace culture in any office space. It’s also a good way to make employees feel valued and cheerful when they’re in the office. 

IPaintMyMind can help you with your move and bring art into your new space through three different avenues: art rentals, art consulting, or a custom mural. 


Option #1: Keep It Fresh And Funky With Art Rentals 

If you want an option that allows for flexibility and the opportunity to refresh and mix up your space, art rentals might be perfect for you. The IPMM Art Rental Program allows you to choose the number of pieces you want and how long of a term your subscription will be. You can choose from over 150+ artists in our Permanent Collection, and choose professionally framed prints that are perfectly tailored for your space. 

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When renting art from IPMM, you can also choose how often you’d like to switch out the pieces on your wall and pick out new ones to hang. We generally recommend a refresh every 3 months or so. It’s the perfect duration for employees to appreciate and get familiar with the old art and then for them to appreciate a new look in their office. 

So, Why Rent Art: If you aren’t sure how long you’ll stay in your new office space and don’t want to invest in buying your office art just yet, art rentals are perfect! They’re also great for a company and office manager who wants to keep art rotating and try out new looks in their workspace. 

Option #2: Make A Lasting Investment With Art Consulting 

If you are sure you’ll stay in your new offices for a while and want to put down roots, consider going with IPMM’s Art Consulting Services. One of our professional Curators will spend time getting to know you and your space, and help you select the perfect pieces to acquire. They can be pieces in any medium or style, and will be chosen to enhance your space and create the kind of work atmosphere that you’re after. 

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You’ll purchase these pieces, meaning that you’ll get to enjoy them forever! Art consulting is a lasting art investment that will pay you back in dividends. 

So, Why Hire An Art Consultant: You want to settle into your new office space and think that you’ll stay there for a while. You’re interested in investing in art that you’ll be able to keep forever. 

Option #3: Show You Care With A Custom Workplace Mural 

The last option is IPMM’s Custom Mural Program. We connect partners with artists from our Permanent Collection who will work with you to design and execute a professional mural on any indoor or outdoor wall of your choosing. A workspace mural is a great way to show your employees that you care and that you’re invested in their quality of life and happiness. It’s also a great way to generate some buzz and community interest about your new workspace. 

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A mural is usually large and eye-catching, and creates a striking effect in any space. It’s the perfect way to supercharge an office with creativity and energy. 

So, Why Commission A Custom Mural: You want to make an impression in your new office and show your team that you appreciate everything that they do for you. 

Get Art Through IPMM, And Give Back: Whichever Way You Choose 

Any of these three options allow you to acquire one-of-a-kind original art from working artists, but they also each allow you to give back to your community by funding arts programs in Chicago Public Schools. Show your community and your employees that you are serious about giving back and establishing roots, while also energizing your new office space. 

Studies have proven that CSR and corporate giving have positive effects on employee retention, productivity, and on the success of your business. Get art, give back, and boost your productivity in your new offices. 

Learn more about how our art services fund art education programs and help pay artists fairly via Our Model page. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 17, 2021