Put Your Money Where The Art Is: 9 Chicago-Based Artists & Musicians to Support Now - Put Your Money Where The Art Is: 9 Chicago-Based Artists & Musicians to Support Now -
Put Your Money Where The Art Is: 9 Chicago-Based Artists & Musicians to Support Now

Put Your Money Where The Art Is: 9 Chicago-Based Artists & Musicians to Support Now

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Oct 22, 2020


In times like these, we all need a little creative inspiration to get us through. What’s more, artists and musicians need our support more than ever. So go ahead and join us in putting those clothing expenditures on hold (who are you trying to impress in your living room?) and put your hard-earned money to work by supporting these 9 Chicago artists and getting yourself some art to enjoy.

Chicago has always been a beacon of creative talent, and Covid-19 hasn’t stopped that in the slightest. What more people don’t think about, is that artists are their own bosses, the CEO, the janitor, and the accountant! That means they have every incentive to make, produce, and sell their work.

At IPaintMyMind, we also value hustle, grit, and communication, all of which these artists are great at. They do the work, hit deadlines, and stay inspired because making is something they have to do.

With so much in flux and in doubt, one thing is for sure: art makes life better. 

Now read on and throw down a couple shekels and support 9 Chicago-based artists and musicians that make the Second City second to none.



Roy Kinsey

A vivid storyteller, a book nerd, a queer-identified rapper who is affectionately known as the ‘Rapbrarian’ to those of us who see, hear and appereciate his creative efforts. His work in Teen Services as part of a local Chicago Public Library Branch is where his art and his humanity intersect, as he serves as an example and a beacon for Chicago’s kids as to everything they can be. 

From sexual orientation and identity, to growing up Black in Chicago, to perfectly-read passages from important books that he reads on his Instagram feed, Roy Kinsey is an artist who you want to be able to say you saw deliver their best work.


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Sam Kirk

We’re hella-biased, but Sam Kirk is dope. A perpetually-active creative, she’s always making murals, prints, original paintings, and even created an animated project which is on the verge of release. She’s currently retooling her ProvokeCulture website, but you can grab some awesome merch there now and stay tuned for prints which will become available any minute!


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briacorranda00001 1

Bria Corranda

Our interview with JaBria Turner aka Bria Corranda was highlight of our content efforts in 2020, giving us another great example of a young, upstart artist making a career of it. Bria is all about reflecting black culture in the ways that feel right to her, make her proud, and provide more imagery and examples of black beauty and power.


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9 Chicago artists

Kat Sampson

Kat is just a blast to work with. From the moment we walked into her classroom at North River Elementary School, we knew we were gonna get along with this amazing, energetic, young art teacher. Last year we installed Sam Kirk’s prints at her school as part of our Shared Walls Program, and since then we’ve connected more around ongoing art programs at NRE, as well as our latest Time Release, “RBG Says VOTE” which is available by clicking on T-Shirts & Hoodies under the Get Involved tab in the menu at the top of this page!

50% of funds support IPMM’s ongoing art programs at North River and 50% funds art supplies for the school! Rad, right?!

They’re available until November 2nd, so don’t miss out!


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2046 Designs by Justin van Genderen

Justin is a really good dude, a solopreneur, and a perfect example of how art and science can beautifully co-exist. He just released some cool larger-format prints and always has a sweet mix of interplanetary fun going on. Whether portraits of Tesla or beautifully artful renderings of scientific principles, Justin is helping people love the beauty of science.


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full series


Ben Blount

Born in Detroit and making art in the Chicago-area for years now, Ben is keeping typography, font, activism, and printmaking interconnected, and we love his approach. He offers workshops on print making and releases social & political works that let the message do the talking. Harkening back to the “I Am A Man” posters of the Memphis sanitation workers strike during the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Art + activism, for the win.


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9 Chicago artists


Quin Kirchner

The next in our list of 9 Chicago artists, Quin is a jazz drummer who has toured with various groups, and just recently released The Shadows and The Light, double vinyl release that is both energetic, frantic, and driven, while also exhibiting wide open spaces, improvisational jazz that Astral Spirits is known for. With concise tracks shareable in under a minute are all the rage, it’s nice to hear some long form creativity from one of Chicago’s finest independent musicians.


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Another sweetheart on the scene whose plush toys have been the gateway to art for so many young Chicagoans. Shawn’s story is one of creative vision, perseverance, and a fantastic and concise aesthetic. We’re working with Shawn on a fun new project but you don’t have to wait on that to get started in the world of Shawnimals. His small prints are perfect for children’s spaces and if you keep your head on a swivel, you’ll see his murals around town.


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9 Chicago artists


Cristal Tucker

Last but not least of our amazing 9 Chicago artists, an up-and-coming local artist in Chicago, Cristal has been part of tons of great printmaking projects, murals, and releases via All Star Press Chicago and as of late, more of her own work! Her stickers, prints, and koozies are fun, wide-ranging, and all show off her cool hand-drawn illustration style. She’s also on Team IPMM, helping us with framing and art handling for our clients and partners.


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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Oct 22, 2020