Shawnimals & Kat Sampson T-Shirt Releases - You Can Draw and Fauci - Shawnimals & Kat Sampson T-Shirt Releases - You Can Draw and Fauci -
Shawnimals & Kat Sampson T-Shirt Releases – You Can Draw and Fauci

Shawnimals & Kat Sampson T-Shirt Releases – You Can Draw and Fauci

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Feb 21, 2021

We’re super excited to be debuting two new t-shirts available for purchase on our website. Buying a t-shirt is a great way to support our mission, and for us to get amazing wearable art from our Partner Artists out to our supporters. We love working with artists to settle on a great design, and are always thrilled to see our shirts out in the wild being worn and loved. 

IPMM x Shawnimals “You Can Draw!” T-Shirt

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The IPMM “You Can Draw” shirt was designed by Shawn Smith (aka Shawnimals), and carries an inspirational message for artists everywhere! Shawn Smith’s world of art is full of wonder, joy, and accessibility, and he loves sharing his inspiration with the world. He recently collaborated with IPMM on our first virtual Artist Workshop, a 4-part instructional video series which takes students through his character design process. He encourages everyone to try drawing, doodling, and sketching, empowering them to find their own signature style. 


IPMM x Kat Sampson “Fauci says…The Schools Really Do Need More Resources” T-Shirt

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The IPMM Fauci says “The Schools Really Do Need More Resources” was designed by Kat Sampson, and speaks to an important truth about our nation’s public schools. Schools need more resources, funding, and PPE measures in order to be able to reopen safely. Kat Sampson is an artist and an elementary school teacher at North River Elementary and knows the truth of this sentiment firsthand! 

Dr. Antony Fauci was recently quoted on the Pod Save America podcast, saying “I think we should prioritize teachers to get vaccinated because they in my mind are part of the essential personnel in the community. I think we should get as many teachers vaccinated as possible.” As public school systems across the country negotiate the terms of reopening, vaccination has become a huge issue. Teachers are essential workers, and we need to treat them like the heroes that they are! IPMM supports teachers being vaccinated before returning to schools in person. 

Buy A Dope Shirt And Give Back 

Check out the variety of colors and styles that each design comes in, and grab one for yourself today! Support arts education, access to art, and equity, and look cool doing it. 

Every cent of your purchase goes back towards supporting the arts in Chicago Public Schools. The proceeds of the Shawnimals “You Can Draw!” shirt will fund IPMM’s Shared Walls program which brings art education to underserved CPS schools. Half of the proceeds from Kat Sampson’s “Fauci Says” shirt also goes towards our Shared Walls programming and the other half goes directly to her North River Elementary School art classroom.

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Feb 21, 2021
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