Sponsor A School: A Program for Corporate Charitable Giving Departments Sponsor A School: A Program for Corporate Charitable Giving Departments
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Sponsor A School: A Unique Program for Corporate Charitable Giving Departments

Sponsor A School: A Unique Program for Corporate Charitable Giving Departments

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 18, 2020

Has your company been looking for an innovative charitable giving program to participate in? It can be hard to find fun solutions to satisfy your corporate charitable giving goals, and we thought we could deliver a cohesive experience that ticked all the boxes.

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Introducing, the Sponsor A School Initiative by IPaintMyMind.

We’ve designed a comprehensive Fundraising and Volunteer experience that provides way more upside than just writing a check to a charity.

At IPaintMyMind, we’re all about connecting artists, businesses, and local communities to create impact through art. With the Sponsor A School Initiative

How It Works

We’ve created a Simple 5-Step Process that connects your companies charitable giving efforts with a specific local school, whose art programs you’ll support for the next few years.

1. Call Us and Set A Goal!

$2000 would be great, but raising $20,000 can create lasting impact over time. That’s why we aim to partner with corporate charitable giving departments willing to commit to fundraising 15-30k. $5000 ensures a local school gets an Art Gallery, an Art Guide with year-long engagement plan, and an Artist Workshop. Setting a goal in that $15,000 – $30,000 range means workshops can be added for more classes, extra years of programming can be ensured, and more.

How cool would it be if your efforts ensured arts programs for your school for 3, 4 or 5 years?!?!

2. Building A Bond

Once we’ve figured out your fundraising goal, we like to begin to build a personal relationship between your company and a deserving local school. This means speaking with you about communities near to your heart, geographic areas you’d like to see served, or we can give you our recommendation on a worthy school to work with. The idea here is that we help you select from the schools who want to bring IPaintMyMind back, just don’t have the funds to do so. Then our partnership together becomes the fuel for that impact.

3. Launch Time!

We get started spreading the word and fundraising! In the section below you can read more about our program’s versatility, but the bottom line is that it’s totally up to you how you reach your fundraising goal.

Whether Dollars for Doers, Automatic Payroll Deductions, Annual Grant Stipends, or the other various ways charitable giving departments contribute to nonprofits and charities.

4. Fundraise For Your School!

Activate that network and hit that goal! Virtual, online, or remote fundraising is a safe bet for the next few years, which is why we build out a dedicated page on our website for your companies fundraising campaign? We also provide you with a series of video, photos, and other graphic assets that help tell the story of our mission to make sure every kid in every neighborhood has access to the inspiration art provides.

5. Volunteer & Celebrate Together!

Once it’s safe to come together, we bring you out to the school your campaign is supporting, so that you can help install our professional art gallery experience in their hallways! IPaintMyMind also provides a rad celebration package when we hit the goal, including a dinner for your companies leadership to connect more with the IPaintMyMind Board of Directors and team, as well as art prints, IPaintMyMind merch, and more.

Learn More on our Sponsor A School page.


Comprehensive Experience

The best part about the Sponsor A School Initiative is that networking, fundraising, content marketing, and volunteerism are all part of the mix. This means your company and your employees get the best of all worlds, and build a relationship with a local school over the years.

How cool would it be to volunteer at a deserving local school multiple years in a row, developing a relationship with the teachers and kids, and seeing with your own eyes how your fundraising and volunteering is providing in your community?

Connecting the dollars raised to the people and communities supporting is so key. And at IPaintMyMind, we love building that bond over the years.

Total Customization

Whether your charitable giving department has typically opted for Dollars for Doers aka Individual Volunteer Grants, Team Volunteer Grants, Automatic Payroll Deductions, Annual Grant Stipends, Internal Employee Fundraising, Annual Giving or Product Donation Programs, the Sponsor A School Initiative is flexible!

Schedule a call with our team to discuss which fundraising strategy feels right for your company.

Fundraise to support art programs in one of our partner schools for the foreseeable future! Help us provide the programming public schools desperately need, and that teachers and students deserve.

Visit the Sponsor A School page to learn more today.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
May 18, 2020