The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility: Give Local Today! - The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility: Give Local Today! -
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The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility: Give Local Today!

The Benefits of Corporate Social Responsibility: Give Local Today!

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Mar 01, 2021

Corporate Social Responsibility is a core part of a company’s brand identity in 2021. Not only is it expected that every business is participating in CSR in some form, but more than ever before, consistent, impactful, and accountable giving is required of companies to stay successful and competitive. 

The contemporary consumer is a more complex being than ever. Consumers are brand-aware, discerning, and cognizant of their buying power. When faced with two options for the same product or service, they’ll almost always choose the more trusted, socially positive, and outspoken brand. Gone are the days of blunt-force marketing. To do well and stay relevant, you must attract new customers through socially-conscious language and advertising. 

Moreover, building an efficient and creative team relies heavily on your corporate giving efforts as well. When applying for jobs, highly skilled candidates are interviewing you just as much as you’re interviewing them. Many studies have shown that today’s workers require their job to fulfill some charity, social work, or pro-bono quotient. A workplace culture that incorporates corporate philanthropy also leads to more productivity, creative problem solving, and passionate employees. 

Being a successful business in 2021 requires cohesive, consistent, and truly impactful CSR practices. A great way to make sure that your company is doing this is to give locally. You can ensure that you know exactly where your money is going, that your efforts will be high-impact, that your customers will associate you with social responsibility, and that your employees can get involved and engaged as well. 

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Statistics and Studies About CSR And Consumer Choice 

Corporations and businesses of all kinds have a much more robust philanthropic responsibility these days. As the world bears down on the looming crisis of climate change, while simultaneously struggling with racism, homophobia, sexism, and Covid-19, it’s up to all of us to do our part to address these issues. 

While individual consumers can make personal choices and do their part to make the world a better place, businesses have more money and social power, and in turn, a larger responsibility. 

  • 91% of consumers say that they expect businesses to operate responsibly to address social and environmental issues. (Cone Communications)
  • An additional 84% said that they seek better and more responsible brands whenever possible, and will choose those brands over others who are not operating responsibly. (Cone Communications)
  • In another study by the same group 79% of consumers say that they look for companies that live values aligned with their own. (Cone Communications)

However, as many more companies jump aboard on practicing CSR, the way that you execute giving and impact efforts also becomes very important. Customers know that some companies give just to look good and attract new business, and that they’ll advertise their corporate charitable giving loudly one month, just to quietly stop giving at all the next. 

Today’s consumer looks for consistent, long-term giving that aligns with the values of the company or brand. They look for a company whose branding tells an honest story about who they are, what they believe in, and what they’re doing to make those beliefs a reality. Be loud and proud about your CSR, but most importantly, be honest. 


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Corporate Philanthropy Is Proven to Help You Build The Best Team 

So many of today’s job applicants are overqualified and highly skilled. When looking for a job, they are most likely interviewing you just as intensely as you’re interviewing them. Potential employees know what they want and they’re willing to walk away from a job if it doesn’t align with their needs and their values. 

  • 72% of students and 53% of the current workforce feel that having a job where they can make an impact is essential to their happiness. (Net Impact)
  • 75% of millennials say that they would take a pay cut if it meant working for a socially or environmentally responsible company. (Global Giving)

However, a picky job applicant is actually a good thing for employers. If an employee cares deeply about where they end up working, and believes in your company enough to work for you, they’ll most likely be extra committed, productive, and creative as a member of your team.

  • Employee productivity goes up 13% when a workplace becomes engaged in CSR. (Global Giving)
  • The turn-over rate of a company involved in CSR drops 50%. (Global Giving)
  • When employees have a satisfactory view of their employer’s CSR efforts, they also tend to have more positive attitudes in other areas that correlate with better performance at work, such as in customer service and how they interact with management. (Whitepaper)

It pays to have a team full of socially and environmentally responsible employees! In fact, you will literally save money through employee retention and higher rates of productivity. Win-win! 



Invest In Corporate Charitable Donations And Your Future 

Corporate Social Responsibility shouldn’t feel like a chore that you have to do just to get out of the way. It’s actually a great opportunity to refine your company’s narrative and branding to express your values and attract new socially conscious shoppers. Your company should also use CSR to curate a creative and hardworking team that is in it for the long-haul. You can do both of these things through consistent, targeted, and intentional giving. 

IPaintMyMind’s Sponsor A School program is a great way to give back, practice Corporate Social Responsibility, get your employees engaged and invested, and show your community of customers that you care. Through Sponsor A School, your company will be paired with a partner Chicago Public School, and you’ll fundraise to provide additional years of high-quality Shared Walls arts programming. At the end of the fundraising period, there’s volunteering opportunities perfect for getting your employees activated and feeling fulfilled by the experience. 

Learn more about Sponsor A School, the selective-enrollment CSR program that will show your community you’re passionate about education, the arts, equity, and Chicago. 

And if your company is already focused on supporting the arts and local schools, go ahead and apply today! The 2021 Application Cycle deadline is Friday, March 26th, so apply today to make sure your company gets a slot.

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Mar 01, 2021