The IPaintMyMind Mural On Wheels is Ready To Hit The Road! - The IPaintMyMind Mural On Wheels is Ready To Hit The Road! -
The IPaintMyMind Mural On Wheels is Ready To Hit The Road!

The IPaintMyMind Mural On Wheels is Ready To Hit The Road!

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 13, 2021

We’ve been so excited about our latest project, we’ve been tempted to preemptively spill the beans. However thanks to some fierce willpower on our end, we’ve kept this new program under wraps until it was ready to launch! 

Officially announcing…the IPMM Mural On Wheels! #muralonwheels #MOW

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Founder Evan La Ruffa had been looking for more spacious wheels to transport our precious artwork, art supplies for teachers, and other fun tricks of the trade. With the organization growing, the trunks of our sensible city cars just weren’t going to cut it anymore. And leaning artwork on top of car seats has its fair share of perilous moments! 

Once the ball started rolling, things fell into place with the kind of cosmic perfection they sometimes do at IPaintMyMind.

The Birth Of The Mural On Wheels

So, once we had our hands on IPMM’s new Jeep Commander, we decided we had to wrap it with a detail from one of our commissioned murals that Ruben Aguirre did for adidas a few years ago. We worked with our friend and designer Sonny Kay to design the wrap, and the good folks at InSight Sign Company donated the wrap itself! 

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(Anyone interested can get $250 off of a full body vehicle wrap at InSight Sign Company using promo code: IPAINTMYMIND.) Not bad, eh?!

And then another burst of inspiration struck! What if our Mural On Wheels became something even more actively creative, artistic, and well, IPMM mission-aligned? 

We’d always had issues rolling out screen printing workshops because the equipment was so bulky and hard to transport or purchase for our teachers and classrooms. We were able to solve this problem and make some of our most popular workshops even more accessible by making the Mural On Wheels a mobile screen printing studio! 

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By installing a screen printing set-up in the Jeep, we can now bring our workshops all over the city to better serve corporate clients, art classrooms, and IPMM supporters. We’re planning a series of 90-minute Mural On Wheels activations this summer and fall across the City Of Chicago. 


Hire The Mural On Wheels: Make Art And Give Back 

If you’ve got an event you need to plan, or just want to get creative, the Mural On Wheels is available for 90 minute screen printing workshops. You and whoever you invite will learn about IPMM, create your own screen prints, and walk home with some amazing merch. It’s perfect for company parties, team building retreats, teacher training, birthday parties, summer camps, or anything at all! 

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To hire the Mural On Wheels for a 90-minute activation, contact us via this form

Keep an eye out for an informational page about the Mural On Wheels which is set to go live on our website any day now, and watch out for activations near you this summer. 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
May 13, 2021