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The IPMM Print Project #4 – Dan Grzeca’s Martian Spider

The IPMM Print Project #4 – Dan Grzeca’s Martian Spider

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Sep 12, 2013


Words by Evan La Ruffa

IPaintMyMind is thrilled to announce Print Project #4 featuring Chicago-based screen printer and illustrator, Dan Grzeca. He is a favorite of ours, both as a person and an artist, and his contribution to our Print Project is awesome. Certainly created in his inimitable style, the “Martian Spider” on orange paper looks great on the wall. Measuring 18×24, it’s easily framed, is only $30 plus shipping, and is a great addition to your collection.

Purchase it here.


Here’s a brief excerpt of our Exclusive Interview with Dan from a while back, it’s a good one:

“EVAN: What can you say about the expansion and growing popularity of screen prints amidst the modern art landscape? I’ve always felt that the price points on screen prints have enabled a level of accessibility that maybe wasn’t established in the art world previously…

DG: Exactly.  It’s taking the Diego Rivera philosophy of art literally, in that it’s something everyone can have. Making that a reality, is very appealing to me. I love to paint, but I can’t sell my paintings for $50.  I can sell a lot of art prints for $30–$100 and people get a beautiful piece of art to hang in their home.  In general, in the art world, as far as gallery sales go – screenprints go for a higher price but the editions are smaller or the artist is famous. Like Jeff Koons famous.”

Read the Full Interview here.

Purchase Martian Spider in the IPMM Shop.

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Buy more of Dan’s work in his store.

Dan’s blog.

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Sep 12, 2013

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