What's Included in Your FREE Art Consulting Intake Call - What's Included in Your FREE Art Consulting Intake Call -
What’s Included in Your FREE Art Consulting Intake Call

What’s Included in Your FREE Art Consulting Intake Call

Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Mar 29, 2021

Choosing art for your office, retail or hospitality space, or commercial or residential real estate can be a daunting task. Beyond simple personal taste and an eye for color, choosing front-facing or public art requires a lot of logistics and know-how. It’s everything from how different pieces will work in the same space, to how much sunlight a space gets, to synthesizing your brand and/or values within a collection of art pieces, and so much more. Art consultants are uniquely trained to notice all the details and listen closely to what you need and want, ultimately delivering a personalized and perfectly tailored selection of art pieces. 

IPaintMyMind’s Art Consulting Services are all-inclusive. We spend time getting to know your business, space, and unique needs, and getting a sense of what your aesthetic tastes are like. We offer you a customized recommendation in your price range that can be anywhere from an installation to a sculpture to a mural, commissioned paintings, or a collection of prints. After you give your okay, we handle transportation and installation. It’s hassle-free and tailored to fit you. 

Plus, your new art will give back to the community, by funding our unique arts programming at Chicago Public Schools. You’ll be able to know that your new artwork and refreshed space have also created tons of real-world social impact. Arts education is a powerful and door-opening experience for students and young minds, but so often the arts are neglected and underfunded. This is definitely the case in the Chicago Public Schools system, and your contribution through hiring IPMM to be your art consultant will help power high-quality no-cost arts programs for underserved schools. 

fullsizeoutput 2812 40349728960 oSo What’s Included In Your Initial Art Consulting Intake Call? 

To give you a sense of what the art consulting process will look like, here’s a breakdown of our art consulting intake call. It’s the very beginning of the road for your new art, and is where we start our brainstorming and calculations about the kind of art that’s perfect for you. 

Once you have registered for your call, we’ll send you a confirmation email. The day of, expect our curators to call you at your selected time to gather information. Here’s some of the questions that our curators usually ask, so you can start thinking about them yourself. 

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Thinking About Your Space

What kind of space do you have? Is it an open floor-plan office, the lobby and hallways of a residential building, an intimate sushi restaurant, or a cozy hotel? What floor are you on? Is it a multifunctional building? Do you own or rent? Is it a shared space? 

Light Makes All The Difference

How much light does your space get? Is there lots of direct sunlight? How many hours a day do you get direct sunlight? Which way does your windows face? What kind of lighting fixtures do you have? What kind of lightbulbs do you use? 

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Identifying Key Spaces

What are key focus areas? What parts of your space do you want to draw attention to? Where are the most important rooms or areas? Do you have a lot of communal space? What spaces do you have in mind for art? What purpose do you see art serving in those spaces? 

Your Relationship With Art 

What does a successful art exhibition feel like to you? What kind of art do you generally like? Do you do any art of your own? How should good art make you feel? What colors do you like the most? What kind of music do you listen to? Are there any areas of the world or periods of history that you particularly enjoy? Who do you admire most? Do you have a strong sense of cultural identity? If so, please explain how you would describe it. 

Your Company’s Personality

What 3 words describe the company culture? What is your mission? What values do you hold? What attitude do you convey in your written or online persona? What relationship do you have with your team? Do many of your employees share a hometown or cultural identity? What charitable causes do you contribute to? 

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Commitment to Impact

And finally…we like to get a feel of your thoughts on our “Get Art, Give Back” model. We find that we have the best relationships and embark on the most fruitful art consultation endeavors with folks that share our love for art, education, and connecting communities. 

Now It’s Your Turn 

At this point in the call, we encourage you to turn the tables on us and pepper us with all the questions that you may have. Ask us about anything, from price, to what our art programming looks like, to technical questions about art, and anything else! We’re here first and foremost to make you feel comfortable and in control of this process. That’s why we offer this free intake call, as a kind of interview or vetting process for you. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us. 

We are not fans of sterile, impersonal business relationships. We think about relationships like normal humans, that is, we love making connections, hearing your stories, and understanding the people that we work with on a deeper level. We hope that you want the same from us. 

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Starting the Journey 

At the end of the call, we like to get an idea of how you are feeling about working with us. If you’re interested, we ask you to get in touch with us after the call to confirm. We settle on a price and a timeline that work for you, and are always around for questions and further conversations. Then, it’s time to start the fun journey of pinning down the perfect art solution for your space. We can’t wait to work with you! 

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Written by:
Lillie Therieau
Mar 29, 2021