Where Can I Rent Art For My Business? - Where Can I Rent Art For My Business? -
Where Can I Rent Art For My Business?

Where Can I Rent Art For My Business?

Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 27, 2020

As an executive, an executive’s assistant, an office manager, a facilities director, or any other position that thinks about the aesthetics and feel of an office space, you know there are plenty of vendors who can help with everything from snacks to art. While most businesses are seriously examining their costs and processes in this weird time, there will still be buildings, offices, corporate spaces, and conferences that will need to think about vibe & atmosphere, and making an impactful statement. We want to help you find the perfect art for your space. Rent art with IPaintMyMind. 

At IPaintMyMind, we set ourselves apart from the competition in a few hugely important ways:

  1. We mobilize revenue from your art rental subscription to provide FREE and low-cost art programs for underserved schools
  2. We have the most diverse, youthful, pop, and fun art collection of any company offering rentals
  3. We pay artists first, so your spend supports them too
  4. We give your team an opportunity to volunteer installing art at a local school!

Rent Art, Give Back. IPaintMyMind

Full disclosure, we think we’re the best. Why? Get Art, Give Back is the most concise way of explaining it! For every corporate space we rent art to, we’re also able to provide a local school with a year’s worth of art programs. With IPaintMyMind, your spend covers the art on your walls and this incredible corporate social responsibility opportunity.

Our service is unique for a lot of reasons really, but mostly our vast collection, the way we treat artists, and how our clients get way more than art, they also give back to a local community. 

Flexible Pricing with Clients Bonuses

Our art rental packages start at $799 per month with everything from standard packages to custom enterprise solutions for companies outfitting various facilities. We collect a 25% deposit on your annual subscription once your art rental package is selected, then bill you monthly like a subscription service.

We also offer discounts and bonuses for 24 month agreements and full contract payment up-front. We always like to give a little more, with everything from art prints, merchandise, and exclusive event invites for clients.


Our Fun, Simple Process

IPMM provides clients access to a password protected Client Portal where our partners can rate the art options provided by your dedicated curator. That way our team can provide options based on what clients like, and the experience is streamlined, digital, and easily accessible via smartphone.

As we continue working together over the months and years, your Client Portal will house your ongoing selections, making curation and rotations a breeze. You can even login via your smartphone, giving you instant access to your selections, whether you’re waiting for your flight to take off or stealing time between meetings to get art in place.

Intentional Choices, Diverse Selection

IPaintMyMind’s selection of art is probably the most diverse and highly curated of the options you’ll find. We’re also edgier, more youthful, and cater to the 25-50 age group. While many other art rental companies look to license and reprint open editions, IPaintMyMind has built relationships with artists nationwide for 8+ years, giving us access to exclusive releases, limited editions, and prints in a wide range of styles. From gigposters, to screenprints, to digital collage, we take pride in curating unique options you won’t find everywhere else. 

IPaintMyMind’s Collection represents over 50 artists and we have immediate access to over 1500 prints and connections with artists that can mobilize quickly.

Art Services: Rentals, Murals, and More

We’re proud to have received high marks across the board from clients like adidas, LinkedIn, Citybase, DocuSign, and more. We offer art rentals, custom murals, art purchases & large scale commissions, as well as inventory management & extended retainer agreements for multi-facility rollouts.

Regardless of the space or application, we love curating, managing, and executing the right creative projects for our clients.

So Much More Than Art

IPaintMyMind is a lot more than an art vendor for your office – we turn that spend into impact right in your backyard. Companies looking for the coolest way to give back might really gravitate toward IPMM for this reason. We also invite their clients to install art in a community space to further build the relationship between IPMM, their clients, and the communities that benefit as a result.

IPaintMyMind is the only outfit that pays artists on the front end for adding the prints to the IPMM Collection. Artists are paid up front, that’s huge. Which means your art rental subscription supports artists and local schools at the same time!

The Only Art Rental That Gives Back

IPaintMyMind really is THE ONLY company or organization offering art rentals and art services that also fund art programs in schools. There are various places you can rent art, just none that compete on unique value through art and community participation. 

What an incredible story to tell – that the art in your space is ensuring that deserving kids be given the opportunity to think big and get creative. You get art & a great story of connection & impact.

Learn more about IPaintMyMind’s Art Rental Services today.

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Written by:
Evan La Ruffa
Apr 27, 2020